Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


2018 Artist Reveal: Mimi Damrauer

Mimi Damrauer is an award-winning, Scottsdale-based textile artist. Her abstract works of art, which range from hand-dyed cotton fabrics to one-of-a-kind wall decor, are inspired by the world around us. “I love seeing what’s in my head come to life,” […]

2018 Artist Reveal: Kathleen Hope

Ask artist Kathleen Hope what her primary medium is and her answer might surprise you. Cement, she’ll respond. It’s organic, raw and unpredictable –– a lot like life. Based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, this will be Kathleen’s fifth year showing […]

2017 Artist Reveal: J. Todd Paxton

To look at J. Todd Paxton’s deeply detailed, highly expressive sculptures is to be immersed in a story ––it’s a near instant connection to a deeper set of emotions. His subjects’ facial expressions and emotions bring to life moments he […]

2017 Artist Reveal: Aileen Frick

Aileen Frick’s collages blur the boundaries between printed images and paint. Her intention with each piece is to capture an elusive beauty and familiarity to bridge a meaningful connection with the viewer. Birds, cityscapes and portraits are subjects Aileen turns […]

2017 Artist Reveal: Gedion Nyanhongo

Gedion Nyanhongo brings the spirit of his country to life through his sculpture art. Using elements native to Zimbabwe ––opal, springstone and Zimbabwe (Nyanga) stone ––he conveys some of life’s softest and most intimate concepts through some of the hardest […]

2017 Artist Reveal: Caleb Siegler

Inspired by the Latin concept of “equilibrio,” contemporary glass artist Caleb Siegler’s works reveal a state of balance –– actual and perceived. He compares that state as a kinetically impossible moment, similar to a house of cards one expects to […]

2017 Artist Reveal: Beth Zink

Beth Zink’s vibrant contemporary botanical artwork evokes joy with every canvas her brush touches. For more than four decades she has been a professional artist honing her skills, and today her works have expanded into a growing collection of art […]

2017 Artist Reveal: Whitney Hall

A sneak peek at the artists who will be the Celebration of Fine Art in 2017! Known for her brilliant, colorful horses, birds, and wildlife depicted through contemporary oil paintings, Whitney Hall has found a way to blend her two […]

Who’s coming to Celebration of Fine Art 2017?

Stephanie Revennaugh’s adoration of horses began early on and has been imprinted into her consciousness through long hours of interaction, focused observation and drawing. Horse lovers and art collectors appreciate the elegance of her equine design, which captures the sensitive […]

Artist Reveal: Elizabeth Hake

For artist Elizabeth Hake, jewelry delivers a sense of connection to others. It’s more than metal and stones, there’s an emotional attachment that occurs between the piece and the wearer. Sometimes that comes in the form of a fond memory […]