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The Challenge: Part 2 with Bryce Pettit

Uncertain whether his sculptural art would lend itself to the “Alphabet Challenge” created by a group of fellow artists at the Celebration of Fine Art, Bryce Pettit decided he give it a go and see how it unfolded. As the […]

The Challenge Part 1: 26 pieces of Art in 26 Days

Being a part of a 10-week art show may sound like enough of a challenge, but not for artists Paul Rhymer and Jennifer O’Cualain. They wanted to keep the challenge going even after the Celebration. And thus the duo launched […]

Africa, Asia and Italy!

Warning!  This post may make you envious!  Or, perhaps, it will inspire you to travel to these exciting destinations yourself.  And, we hope it will encourage you to travel to Scottsdale for the 2010 Celebration of Fine Art to see […]

Artists’ news from Del Pettigrew

  Martha and I, Graydon and Jeanne Foulger, just returned from a great two weeks in San Miguel de Allende. Ours was a painting trip, so I am attaching some photos of the trip.  Other news, Martha has received a […]

Summer with the Celebration of Fine Art Artists

Artists are never idle. They take pictures, sketches and experiences where ever they are and turn them into wonderful art. This summer has been no exception. From the hills of Tuscany to the wilds of Alaska the artists are soaking […]