Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


From Around the Show

We took a walk around the show to see what the artist were currently working and we never cease to be amazed by the talent in the tent. Beautiful, new work is continually being created around every corner. Join us […]

Celebrating Stories: Finding Delight and Personal Stories in Art

Art has the power to evoke an emotion, tell a tale, awaken a memory, and even create a story. Walk into any art collector’s home and it’s like peering into their personal history, and in some cases their soul. That […]

Celebrating Art!

There is a certain energy that runs through the tent at the Celebration of Fine Art. You feel it almost immediately when you walk through the entrance and into the creative space of each artist in the show. It is […]

Celebrating Stories: From Protecting Hearts to Painting Hearts

The heart is defined as a hollow organ that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. But it is so much more. It’s the center of emotion and personality, and for artist Tanner Lawley, the heart is […]

Celebrating the Art of the Heart this Valentine’s Day

While all of our artists at the Celebration pour their hearts into every piece they create, we have some who literally put the art in heart. Here are a few beautiful heart-inspired pieces – beautiful any time of year, but […]

Countdown is on for the 2013 Celebration of Fine Art!

We are looking forward to the 2013 Celebration of Fine Art! Join us January 12 through March 24 every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Thank you to each and every artist who we share the “big white tent” […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: A Life-long Love of Horses

It’s evident from his artwork Curt Mattson knows a great deal about horses and cowboy culture. Get him talking about his subject matter and you see he’s not only knowledgeable, he’s extremely passionate – and that translates to his art. […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: How Whitney Peckman Wove Her Way to Gourds

Whitney Peckman has always been drawn to the arts, but her passions have shifted over the years – shaped by experiences and exploration. “I think a passion doesn’t have to be a single path,” she said. “A passion can be […]