Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


An Outlet for Energy, Color and Joy

Heidi Rosner’s path to becoming a well-known watercolor artist started with a move to Arizona in 1994. Being new to the Valley and not knowing many people, she decided to take a watercolor class to make friends and meet people. […]

The Layered Path To Mixed Media Art

Are artists born or made? Emily Randolph says she wasn’t born with a brush in her hand. It was only after decades working in marketing and communications that she rediscovered her childhood love for photography. A switch flipped and she […]

The Butterfly Effect: How Two Artists Brought Awareness to an Important Environmental Cause

What happens when 1,234 bronze monarch butterflies descend upon one room? In short, it creates a vivid, impressive and moving experience any of viewer of such a manifestation isn’t soon to forget. That was exactly the case with Bryce Pettit […]

A Look Back at the Celebration of Fine Art 2016

The final day of the Celebration of Fine Art is always bitter sweet. We’re ready for some much-needed rest, but all sad to say goodbye. Over the 10-week sprint, so many wonderful relationships are formed – between the artists, art […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Santiago Michalek

Santiago Michalek’s love for art can be traced back to his childhood and the drawings of men on horseback his grandfather would give to him. Though looking back he admits they weren’t the best drawings, they undoubtedly shaped his path. […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Jason Napier

Jason Napier was introduced to sculpting nearly 25 years ago when he took a job at a bronze-casting foundry. It was there he learned how to weld, cast and apply patinas – and those early days, along with a life-long […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Matthew Sievers

Whether inspired by their surroundings, new experiences or whimsy, artists are constantly evolving (and we get to benefit). Long-time Celebration of Fine Art artist Matthew Sievers made a marked transformation with his work over the past 12 months – blending […]

Celebrating Art with Artist James Randle

Some might wonder if artist James Randle paints old buildings because of nostalgia, but for him it is actually the opposite. His paintings of urban realism (in some cases dilapidated structures or graffiti-laden city buildings) actually reflect modern landscapes and […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Leo Posillico

A life-long love of art and more than 30 years spent creating it has shaped Leo Posillico’s colorful, imaginative artwork. Indeed, being raised in New York, his background as a photographer, art director, illustrator, board game designer, and time at […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Sue Averell

Sue Averell couldn’t say if she found art or if art found her, but either way we’re glad she found her way to the Celebration of Fine Art 13 years ago. Sue has come to be known for her large-scale […]