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Celebrating Stories: Conversation with Collectors, Alan Ram

They’re hard to miss – those ‘Big White Tents’ in north Scottsdale. They’re the source of much intrigue and curiosity for passersby. Art lover Alan Ram admits he was intrigued, but never stopped to take a look, that is until […]

Celebrating Stories: Conversation with Collectors, Barry & Ellen Rundle

The Celebration of Fine Art, or “The Tent”, as collectors Barry and Ellen Rundle fondly refer to it, attracts collectors and art lovers from all different backgrounds and perspectives. But one thing about many of these people is the same, […]

Celebrating Stories: Conversations with Collectors

Art lovers Gayle and Graham Cooke share their story about their first encounter with the Celebration of Fine Art, the connections they’ve made, and what keeps them returning.

Celebrating Stories: Finding Delight and Personal Stories in Art

Art has the power to evoke an emotion, tell a tale, awaken a memory, and even create a story. Walk into any art collector’s home and it’s like peering into their personal history, and in some cases their soul. That […]

Celebrating Stories: 14 Years of Friendships and Collecting Art

Hank and Midge Frost have been visiting the Celebration of Fine Art for 14 years, and it didn’t take long for the Oregon-based couple to decide their visits would become an annual tradition. It started in 1999, just after they […]

Celebrating Stories: Conversations with Collectors

How to Art Lovers Became a Part of the Celebration’s History During one of her annual trips to Arizona, Janice Racioppo, made a happy discovery that would turn into a new tradition for her, and eventually, her husband Frank. That […]