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The Layered Path To Mixed Media Art

Are artists born or made? Emily Randolph says she wasn’t born with a brush in her hand. It was only after decades working in marketing and communications that she rediscovered her childhood love for photography. A switch flipped and she […]

Celebrating Art with Artist Leslie Duke

Leslie Duke grew up knowing art would play a big role in her life. While she always loved painting, she ultimately decided to pursue a degree in illustration. After graduation, Leslie worked in that industry for several years until she […]

Celebrating Community with Brian Burkhart

Every year the Celebration of Fine Art sees many new faces along with numerous art lovers who’ve made the show an annual tradition. This is part of what makes the show so magical – the artists and art lovers form […]

Artist Reveal: Kathleen Hope

Based out of Fountain Hills, Kathleen Hope is a mixed media artist with a background in interior design and color psychology. Her work reflects her viewpoint that a work of art should feel “lived in” just like a home. As […]

Artist Reveal: Lee Wright

Lee was formerly a costume designer, using her eye for fabric to see glass in a similar way: varying textures and colors, and in different layers and movement. Lee’s desire to transform a “motionless medium” is what lights her up […]

Artist Reveal: Marty LeMessurier

As one of the original Celebration of Fine Art artists, Marty LeMessurier has been show staple since 1991 – painting with such a masterful technique that pieces glow and adjust under varying light conditions. This year she is looking forward […]

Artist Reveal: Michael Jones

For over 30 years Michael Jones has been called to the enduring qualities of steel. His passion stems from the way he creates: building a personal relationship with clients and absorbing their lifestyle, geography, and their home’s architectural and symbolic […]

Circle of Hope

We were saddened by the loss of one of our long-time artists, Debbie Edgers Sturges, last September. Debbie had been a part of our show for many years and was well known for her larger-than-life, bold paintings of the animals […]

Art Is: A Celebration of Life

For artist Stuart Yankell, art is a celebration of life and an exploration of one of the oldest languages that has been shared among human beings. Stuart believes the energy and experiences encapsulated in a piece of art can be […]

How The Rocky Mountains Challenged A Group Of Artists

What happens when four artists spanning four genres of art collaborate to create one body of work all around one theme? Pure brilliance, and a magnificent, multi-dimensional collection of art. The idea of a friendly challenge started to years ago […]