Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


Countdown to the Celebration: See the Show in 60 Seconds

The Celebration of Fine Art is now just six days away! See the show in 60 seconds. This video is a compilation of one piece of work from each of our artists, though there is much, much more to see. […]

Celebrating Stories: Conversations with Collectors

Art lovers Gayle and Graham Cooke share their story about their first encounter with the Celebration of Fine Art, the connections they’ve made, and what keeps them returning.

Celebrating Passion for Art – Artist Perspectives

In this video artists from the Celebration of Fine Art share why they are passionate about the Celebration and what makes them return year after year.

Celebrating Stories: The Art of Happenstance

Art, like life, is a phenomenon of happenstance. The creative behind it is rarely planned. More often than not it is the destiny of the object waiting to be uncovered by the artist. For sculptor Ken Newman, happenstance and evolution […]

Celebrating 22 Years of The Celebration of Fine Art

Thank you to each and every artist who we share the “big white tent” with. We are honored and humbled to share this life with all of you. Thanks for sharing your passion. And, a very big thanks to the […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: A Homegrown Passion

An earthquake, a move and an art class sparked a passion in Heidi Rosner she didn’t know she had. That was more than 15 years ago and she has been painting since. Heidi was living in Southern California working as […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: A Passion for Building Art

Kyle Ashley likes to tell people he’s been creating art since 1957…that’s when he began playing in his spaghetti sauce. “I think everybody does art to a degree and I think everybody is an artist,” he said. Kyle, who sculpts […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: Finding Passion in People

Like many children Jossy Lownes found solace in drawing. Though art has played a role in her life since childhood, she had other passions to pursue. “I started out as an art major, but then I ended up in education, […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: A Passion Cast in Bronze

Bryce Pettit’s passion for art can be traced back to his earliest memories, but he also developed a love for wildlife at an early age. Luckily he found a way to combine his two passions through his sculptures. “I’ve always […]

Celebrating Passion for Art: When Two Loves Collide

For Beth Zink, art has always been a passion – drawn to it from childhood. Her subject matter has changed over the years, but she hit her stride when she found a way to combine her two loves: desert plants […]