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Circle of Hope

We were saddened by the loss of one of our long-time artists, Debbie Edgers Sturges, last September. Debbie had been a part of our show for many years and was well known for her larger-than-life, bold paintings of the animals that she loved. She had enjoyed many trips where she took her camera and came back with thousands of photos of the animals in their natural habitat. Her passion for animals was rivaled only by her passion for painting. In 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer, which she battled fiercely until her passing in September of 2014. But in the true spirit of Debbie and the Celebration of Fine Art, hope lives on through her wonderful paintings. She had several canvases blocked in with the outline and the beginning of the background highlights. Her husband, Brian Sturges, selected one of those canvases to send to the Celebration of Fine Art where the fellow artists could work together to complete the piece.

2015-03-19 11.36.52 (761x1024) (2)

The piece is being sold by “Quick Draw” from names of interested buyers. The price of this one-of-a-kind collaboration of love, measuring 48 x 36, is $3,500 and all proceeds will go to HopeKids, AZ. HopeKids Motto is: Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives. HopeKids provides ongoing events & activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life-threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine.

Debbie Edgers Sturges work in progress

Debbie Edgers Sturges work in progress

The subject was a Bison which she photographed in one of her favorite places on earth – Yellowstone National Park, which was s short trip from her home in Idaho. She had an affinity for the Bison and it’s strength.

2015-03-12 10.13.48

2015-02-06 15.27.00

This special canvas and accompanying photograph traveled to Scottsdale for the 2015 Celebration of Fine Art. Throughout the season artists have taken turns working the piece to completion. To make things even sweeter we hosted a HopeKids outing for the kids and families of children with solid tumor cancers – such as Osteosarcoma and Ewings Sarcoma. The kids came out on March 14 and each of them had a chance to add their brushstrokes to the painting! It was a wonderful day filled with HOPE for all who took part.

2015-03-14 11.16.33

2015-03-14 10.40.50

2015-03-14 10.16.53

2015-03-14 09.54.31

The circle of hope is a gift we are happy to share! If you are interested in purchasing the “Debbie’s Bison” piece, head on over to the Celebration of Fine Art to put your “intent to purchase slip” in the drawing box by March 25! The Quick Draw will take place at 5 pm on Wednesday, March 25.


  1. Darcirae March 22, 2015

    i will alway miss her smile and laugh….it just made you feel so great…her paintings are pure magical….she was pure of heart….love miss Debbie

  2. Liana Sofia Tumino March 22, 2015

    What a lovely post that further proves what a special place this is…but the Celebration is not really a ‘place’ it’s an experience. The Bison piece carries within it Debbie’s spirit & energy, the many hands that have touched it since join in celebration of that spirit and it’s divine source. Such a beautiful tribute to a special person indeed! Wish I could have seen it in person! Thank you for posting & sharing this unique event.

  3. Kathleen Holback March 23, 2015

    This is a wonderful tribute to Debbie and her extraordinary talent. I was sorry to have missed the event this year but am happy to see the efforts made in her honor which led to the completion of a piece she had begun of her beloved bisons and to the support of HopeKids.

  4. mary January 19, 2017

    Hi, I visited the Festival a couple days ago and took a card from an artist but somehow have misplaced it. He was an older gentleman from Utah. said he has come for about 15 years. I think his first name was Wes. He was located on the outer walkway area and across the walkway from him was a wood worker along with his continuing display of his art work. he did landscapes. Can you help me identify him? And share his website? THANKS!

    • Beth February 5, 2017

      Hi Mary,

      Could it have been Mac Stevenson?


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