Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


Every day a Celebration!

Every day at the Celebration of Fine Art brings joyful experiences and intriguing discoveries. There is always something new being created, new friendships being made and new artistic discoveries. As we are entering our last 2 weeks, we are even more mindful than ever about savoring the experience. Each day we have the privilege of walking around the 40,000 square feet of space filled with the works of art and studios of the 100 artists. We take time to pause and look at and appreciate the works – both completed and in progress.

On a quick stroll this morning, we captured a few pieces to share with you. . . .

This is a really fun painting in the works by Scott Hale. It is called “The King of Camelback Mountain”. It depicts the iconic Phoenix/Scottsdale landmark of Camelback Mountain with the whimsy of a young cowboy taking a ride! This piece is oil on panel and is 40 x 60. It should be finished by the weekend and we don’t think it will last long!
2014-03-10 09.08.18

The Celebration of Fine Art is becoming very well know for the many collaborations that happen during the show each year. Here is a wonderful work by Liana Sofia Tumino and Ken Newman. It combines Fresco and Bronze and other media for a one of a kind piece filled with movement, color and inspiration. This work in progress is almost close to completion. Come see it in person!
Liana at work

Artist Elaine Coffee is known for her wonderful figurative paintings of people in places. Her timeless pieces capture a moment and share the emotion of human interaction. You never know what moment will inspire an artists -you could find yourself in a painting of visitors at the Celebration!
Coffee, Elaine

Heather Judge inspires us with her textural paintings which incorporate beautiful papers, gold foil and other magical elements resulting in stunningly beautiful pieces.

Heather Studio

The weather is perfect to get out and enjoy the spectacular Celebration of Fine Art sculpture court. This amazing piece by William Barnhart is called “Marriage”. It depicts husband and wife holding up the household. The beautiful goldleaf finish shines in the morning light with the beautiful Scottsdale blue sky in the background.
2014-03-10 09.05.13

There is so much more to see and enjoy. So many more pieces that will inspire and uplift you as you stroll through the show. We invite you to get here before we close on March 23. Spend a day at the Celebration and celebrate the good life!

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Mar 10th, 2014
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