Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


From Around the Show

We took a walk around the show to see what the artist were currently working and we never cease to be amazed by the talent in the tent. Beautiful, new work is continually being created around every corner. Join us on this photo tour as we explore new work being created, visit with artists and sample a tasty treat from one our talented artists who also doubles as an amazing cook!

Jennifer Occulane

Jennifer O’Cualain just created these beautiful, hand sketched greeting cards available at her studio.

Kyle Ashley

Kyle Ashley poses with one of his sculptures. Was he the model for that piece? You’ll have to as him.

Scott Hale

Scott Hale works on a beautiful landscape.

Kenneth Ferguson

Kenneth Ferguson perfects another watercolor.

Bryce Pettit

Bryce Pettit - Rabbits

Bryce Pettit masterfully sculpts his next piece…yet to be titled.


Liana Sofia Tumino

Liana Sofia Tumino creates beautiful art and delicious treats (giuggiulena) for her customers.


Much more to come, but be sure to stop in, visit with the artists and create your own adventure through the tent.


  1. bouriche boumediene January 6, 2015

    very nice art .
    im techer for pottery and artiste .

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Jan 30th, 2014
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