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Information for Artists

The Celebration of Fine Art ™ is a one of a kind marketing tool for artists. It combines many of the best attributes of a gallery relationship with the dynamics of a short term art show.

Thanks for your interest in being part of the Celebration.

The Celebration of Fine Art ™ is a juried show. We jury not only for quality but variety. This helps insure that direct competition is minimized and that you will have the best opportunity for success. All styles of art in all mediums are welcome. In addition to painting and sculpture we also have fine crafts such as furniture, jewelry, ceramics basketry and weaving . Only work created by the artist and hand made work is accepted. We do not allow manufactured goods of any kind. Artists who have previously been selected for the show will be juried in the two months following the current exhibit. New artists applications will be accepted any time after April 1 with the first deadline for jury being June 15 and second deadline for jury being August 15. We will add new artists until all studio spaces are filled. Additional details, prices and other information are contained in the artist application packet.

“There is no better opportunity for connecting, selling and building lifelong relationships than the Celebration of Fine Art .”

“They pay every week and every year they’ve improved the show.”

The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and very inviting. Artists can talk with potential clients. One said: “You get feedback about your work. It’s not like hearing from a gallery owner it’s like being on stage and hearing the applause.” The result is that people who visit the Celebration describe it as more than an art show, they feel it’s an experience they can’t have anywhere else.

We have a very aggressive and targeted marketing plan, directed at the most productive audience possible and thus maximize our selling efficiency.

The results?

Each year our sales have increased over the preceding year and we think that trend will continue.

Please download all three documents, these are Adobe pdf files.

2018 Artist Application Information

2018 Contract two pages
Application Map

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