Hooker’s Dream Framed Original Oil Painting

by Leah Kiser


Dimensions: 40 x 30 inches with half inch floater frame, overall dimensions with frame is about 41 x 31

Medium: Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Ships From: Casa Grande, Arizona

Signed and Dated, Free Domestic Shipping, Ready to Hang

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    Leah Kiser

    Leah Kiser


    Casa Grande, AZ

    This is a collection of large scale playful illustrations painted in a realistic style. I feel like I should say something profound or serious here, but the pieces do not have a collective message or agenda. I didn't paint them to be profound and serious. I made these paintings because they bring me joy and I hope to bring good feelings to others through them. At this time, I cannot seem to get excited to paint subjects that don't make me laugh, and I'm thankful to have found an audience that enjoys them enough to hang them on their walls. ​ To prepare for these paintings, (in addition to practicing for years to gain the skill to paint realistically) I let my mind wander and let images come to me. When these images make me laugh out loud or make me think “I’ve never seen anything like that before” then there is a good chance they will strike others in a "I don't know why this exists, but I'm glad that it does" kind of way. I like when art catches me off guard like that - Like a dance choreographed by Paul Taylor, or a Monty Python skit... others seem to enjoy it too - watching viewers do a double take and laugh out loud is one of my favorite things about painting this way. ​ I began painting with this balance of realism and illustration because I couldn't decide between the two. The things I love about illustration are the styles and colors and the smart compositional tricks illustrators use to guide the eye and convey a mood or story without words. I like trying them out in my paintings. But details also call to me. I use photographs or objects as visual references, and they help me capture perspective, lighting, and form, while trying to maintain the life and spark of the original imagined idea. It is a challenging balance between observing and imagining. This spectrum between realism and illustration leads to variability and experimentation in my work. It adds another dimension of play that you'll likely see more of from me in the future.


This one of a kind original painting was completed in 2020, it is loved by many who’ve followed its creation on facebook and instagram.  There are no full sized duplicates of this painting on canvas.  I do not sell full sized prints and I do not sell prints on canvas.  I do not paint duplicate original paintings or paint embellishments on prints.  There is not another painting like this one in the world, and it could be yours, because it is still available! 

The painting is 40 inches tall by 30 inches wide on gallery wrapped canvas.  It comes with a removable half inch black floater frame.  Shipping and Tax are included in the price. The painting comes with the story about the painting, and the artist statement for the “Just For Fun” Art Show.  There is a signature on the front of the painting, the piece is also signed on the back with the name of the painting, date of completion, and a stamp of Leah’s actual finger print.

The Story Behind This Painting:

I’ve never spent so long on a painting as I did with this one.  I knew it was going to be a challenge when I started, but the idea was so beautiful in my mind that I wanted to see it through.

Hooker’s Dream was originally painted to be a part of my first solo show “Just For Fun.” At the time, I was pushing the realism in my work while maintaining the humorous and whimsical subject matter of my prior work.  The show was to take place at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona in January of 2021, then it was postponed, and eventually canceled due to COVID-19.

I’ve used lace in a few previous paintings, and I loved the complexity and intricacy of it. I like the way that it implies the form that it is draped over even though it has all of these patterned cut outs.  I decided I wanted to make an animal with it, but what?  I thought for a long time about it, and nothing seemed to work with what I had in mind.  Then I asked myself – What is the most beautiful flowy animal you’ve ever seen?”  The pictures of fish on the Apple IPhone box (the betas with the big rippling fins) came to mind and that was what I decided to do.

I took a lace tablecloth, and I started draping it around forms trying to imitate the forms that made up the fish.  I also tried to replicate the lighting from the fish photo I was using.  I didn’t want the fish to look like a ghost, so I changed the color from white to orange to contrast with the blue green background.  I didn’t have orange lace, so I had to imagine that part.

Lace and fish have separate but special meanings for me.  Lace is a fabric that can be made with crochet, and my grandmothers both created a lot of lace tablecloths and doilies.  My Father is an avid fisherman, and he taught me and my brothers to love fishing too.  Both activities require hooks: fishing, for obvious reasons, and Crochet is done with a hooked needle.  So I decided to make the fish look like it was getting ready to bite on the crochet hook.  People who crochet and people who fish are sometimes jokingly referred to as “hookers.”  My work tends to have a fun humorous spin to it, so I went there 😉  That is where the name “Hooker’s Dream” comes from. It all came together as a multi layered double (or triple) entendre.  My daughter posed as the “hooker” in this picture.

This painting is one of five paintings included in the “Just For Fun” show.  Since the gallery show was canceled, I made it into a virtual art show that streamed on my website artifactfa.com with Live Audience Q & A and a video of the paintings that you can find on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtakxcpkC6x9wULPzfg7OYQ.  The show took place in March of 2021.

This painting was also selected out of 900 works from various artists to be featured at the Shock Boxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, California in 2021.

~Leah Kiser

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