by Bryce Pettit

Bronze wall-hanging monarch
The first in the “Latitude” series that started my wall hanging bronze series concept. This piece began after I had sculpted a single butterfly and began to imagine what it would look like to create the feel of a flock of migrating monarchs. Display is highly adaptable, allowing for a variable number of butterflies to be used to fit any space. Perfect for curved walls and irregular spaces.

Pricing is based on $160 per butterfly. ie: 20 butterflies = $3200
Email or call to discuss installation specifics and pricing for custom groupings

    Bryce Pettit

    Bryce Pettit


    Durango, CO

    “I find the inspiration for my work in the natural world, but my sculptures are not just models of animal subjects. Each piece has an underlying story and is imbued with feeling and emotion. My work is meant to teach and inspire, both about the animals and about ourselves. The amazing diversity of fur and feathers, limbs, bodies, beaks, hoof and claw give me endless elements with which to create. Through its great variety, I feel like I can use the animal form to convey any message. The artistic strength of a sculpture is in the simplicity of its composition. I try to pare each piece down to the minimum necessary to tell the story. When the composition is reduced to only the essentials, the intensity of the movement and impact of the form is pure and direct. The power that any piece of art has to connect with another is derived from its authenticity. My sculptures are a window into my soul. I pour into the clay my hopes and dreams, my love, my pain, my insights, my understanding. Through my work, I can tell you my story.” -Bryce Pettit