Visit 100 Artists' Studios in Less Than One Day


2017 Art Discovery Series

Each Friday from 4 to 5 pm discover the inspiration, techniques and stories behind the creation of art. Enjoy wine, cheese and artistic dialogue at informative panel discussions and demonstrations with Celebration artists.

art-of-the-installation1/20: The Art of the Installation – When the surroundings, lighting and the perspective of the viewer are as significant to the art experience as the art work itself, it elevates to the definition of “Installation Art”.  Discover the intricate details that impact this powerful art form under the most intense circumstances as Bryce Pettit and Allison Leigh Smith share their “Art Prize” experience.








1/27:  As the Wood Turns  – Discover how and why the artists turn ordinary stems or roots of trees into stunning works of art by shaping and accentuating the grain patterns.  Learn about the tools of the trade and other elements that, along with the artists’ vision, transform nature into art.





creative-couples-crop-right-side-out-of-photo-to-make-square2/3:  Creative Couples -Whether they met as artists or one brought out the creative spark in the other, couples who create together bring a double dose of inspiration to our world.  Hear how they influence each other, elevate each other and work together in the business of art.




palette-perfection2/10:  Palette Perfection – Color is a key element of art.  It creates a sensation on the eye as the object reflects or emits light.  Hue, shade and tint all come into play in the way the viewer perceives the art.  Discover how and why the artists create their palettes to perfection.






the-story-of-the-celebration2/17:  The Story of the Celebration- Twenty-seven years ago the Celebration of Fine Art came to life in Scottsdale.  Over the years there have been many monumental as well as simple moments that have molded it into what you know today.  Gather to hear stories and insights and learn how it evolved from a dream to a movement of artistic connection.





strength-through-diversity2/24: Strength Through Diversity; a Synthesis of Abstraction and Realism – Abstract art is not always what you think upon first glance. Artists today are fusing the old and the new, the language of classical realism with contemporary abstraction.  Listen in as artists discuss techniques and insights into the art of the abstract.



the-art-of-fire-and-ice3/3: The Art of Fire and Ice – Shaped by fire, it can be both decorative and functional.  Color, shape, shadows and light all make up the elements of fine art glass.   Meet the artists and discover techniques from glass blowing to kiln fired to stained glass, which make this media highly collectible.








conversations-with-collectors3/10:  Conversations with Collectors – We turn the tables on the Discovery series to find out what draws collectors to the Celebration and what compels them to purchase and add to their collections.  Who, why and what compels them to celebrate art.







texture-talks3/17:   Texture Talks  – In addition to color and composition, many works of art have another element that is integral to the art- texture.  Whether through mixed media or impasto technique, texture draws the viewer into the painting making them feel they can walk into the piece or invites them to touch. Discover the insights into this technique.




manipulating-metal3/24:  Manipulating Metal – For the artists who choose metal as their muse, they must apply artistic vision, strength and heat to their medium.  Discover the tools and techniques needed to coax and shape the metal into compelling works of art.






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