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Artists & Inspiration Blog

Meet the Artist: A Love of Carving Led Brit Hansen to Develop a New Art Form

Though artist Brit Hansen had long loved block printing, over time she came to realize it was actually the carving process she craved. She began experimenting with other mediums––wax, wood, clay, to name a few––and eventually landed on acrylic paint. See how she created this unique style of creating reliefs using acrylic paint and carving tools.

Meet the Artist: How Jenny Foster Tapped Into Her Unique Style at an Early Age

Jenny Foster always knew she was destined for art. And she was one of the lucky ones who was able to tap into the artistic style that was intrinsic to her at a young age. Still, getting to where she is today took hard work and dedication, and she’s as passionate about it today as she was a child.

Meet the Artist: How a Love for Jewelry Turned Into a Profession

It started out simple enough…an admiration for rings compelled Shelli Kahl to take a soldering class so she could learn how to make her own. Several courses later, she found herself producing enough work to start showing at art shows. But it wasn’t until she sought the mentorship of a well-known metalsmith master that her career took off.

Meet the Artist: Using Texture to Create a Sensory Experience

When mixed media artist Tim Weldon began creating art, he started to see the world through heightened senses. Suddenly, everything around him––flowers, stones, colors, people––was rich with story, texture and character. And he saw himself as a conduit for sharing these stories through his art.

Meet the Artist: Seeking a World of Bold Color

Artist Beth Zink has become well known for her vibrant paintings of desert sunsets, and flora and fauna, but happening upon the bold color palette that has become synonymous with her name was a bit of a fluke. See how she developed this iconic style and what she loves most about art.

Meet the Artist: Mastering ancient Italian techniques of jewelry making

In a time when true craftsmanship seems to be slipping away, there are still artisans out there striving to preserve centuries-old practices not only through the work they put out into the world, but also by passing down these techniques and philosophies to those coming up in the industry. One such artist is goldsmith and jewelry maker Paul Farmer.

Meet the Artist: How Birds Became Part of This Artist’s Signature Style

Joy, whimsy and a hint of humor emanate from artist Barbara Rudolph’s oil paintings––a style she’s honed over the years through a mix of attention to the composition, storytelling, and delightful “Easter eggs” cleverly placed throughout each piece. See how her work comes together and what inspires her to create brief escapes for the viewer.

Meet the Artist: A Passion For Cowboy Culture and Storytelling Drives this Artist

Artist Curt Mattson grew up immersed in cowboy culture and for many years, that was going to be his path. Then he discovered cowboy and Western art, and he saw it as a gateway to help preserve the stories of the American West. Decades later, storytelling still drives Curt’s artwork.

Meet the Artist: For the Love of Wood

Sculpture artist Brian Sykes fell in love with woodworking at a young age. He began his career in furniture design, but soon found he craved something that would allow him a wider range of creativity. Brian found his way to a woodturning lathe and he knew instantly, that’s where he belonged. See how Brian’s journey progressed…

Meet the Artist: Capturing the Soul of the Desert Southwest Through a Modern Lens

For oil artist Tina Roy, it all leads back to the desert. Though she spent years traveling abroad, she discovered a deep connection with the desert southwest––the flora, the fauna, the intense storms, and the juxtaposition of life and death that’s omnipresent in the desert…

Meet the Artist: How a Fascination with Beads Evolved Into an Artistic Career

Artist Diana Ferguson had long been drawn to beads, but it wasn’t until she discovered the ancient peyote stitch technique that her creativity really flourished. This technique kickstarted what would become a line of beautifully crafted architectural jewelry. And it has since evolved into wall art.

Meet the Artist: The Need to Heal Brought Light Hunter to Photography

For photography artist Light Hunter, nature called to him at a young age. It became his refuge and place that deeply nourished his soul. He soon found himself photographing these natural wonders as a way to bring their meditative qualities to others. Learn more about his journey and how he was the first to photograph some of the most iconic canyons.

Artist Reveal: Excavation Her Own Unique Art Form

There was no question Brit Hansen was going to make a career out of art, but it took some exploration and excavation to find her unique style––one that makes her heart sing.

A fourth-generation artist, Brit studied fine art in college where she also found her way to block printing. She fell in love with the craft, but for many years it remained a creative outlet. Following college, Brit worked as a professional photographer for many years, but then, life intervened. She was pregnant with her first child and assigned to bed rest. The unexpected turn…

Artist Reveal: Building On a Lifetime of Art

It’s rare to meet someone who knew their life’s calling from a young age and then turned that calling into a life-long profession. It’s even more rare when that person is as equally passionate about that chosen profession today as they were when they first began the pursuit decades prior.
He seems to see the world through a series of simple forms and geometries that can be thoughtfully manipulated to create a space. He also sees the unbridled beauty in raw, natural elements like cement––materials he developed an appreciation for as an architect––which he incorporates into his pieces.

Artist Reveal: A Background in Architecture Inspires His Art

Troy Axelrod brings a unique perspective to art that not many can claim––a nearly three-decade history as a professional architect. One look at his dossier of work, however, and it’s easy to see the profession’s influences.

He seems to see the world through a series of simple forms and geometries that can be thoughtfully manipulated to create a space. He also sees the unbridled beauty in raw, natural elements like cement––materials he developed an appreciation for as an architect––which he incorporates into his pieces.

Artist Reveal: Going for Bold Through Mixed Media

If Leslie Powers could be described in just a couple of adjectives it would be “vibrant” and “energetic”––both of which exude from her artwork. A mixed media artist, Leslie is continually pushing the boundaries with her unique use of color and various mediums. While all of her work may fall into the genre of abstract, […]

The Fall Issue of Art Connection Has Arrived!

Humans have long connected with art in a very powerful way. Whether a painting, sculpture, drawing, piece of literature or a performance, art has the power to evoke memories, transport us to another time or place, inspire us, or spark an emotion. This issue of Art Connection explores that unique connection, first through brush strokes […]

The Summer Issue of Art Connection Has Arrived!

Summer can evoke a dream-like state for many of us as we find a little more time to breathe, relax and explore. And while many have already returned to the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, we hope this dream- and gemstone-inspired issue of Art Connection helps extend your summer if even for a few […]

Meet the Artist: Serendipity Led Artist Cathy Sheeter to Scratchboard

Though art has always been a part of Cathy Sheeter’s life, she didn’t set out to have a career in it. She was headed toward the sciences––more specifically, animal sciences. And as she tells it, it was only through serendipity that she ended up as a career artist. While the career path may have come […]

Meet the Artist: Trevor Swanson Uses Metal, Heat and Acid to Share Stories

It may seem like Trevor Swanson figured out his life calling at a young age––and by most accounts, he did––but to his family, the realization couldn’t come soon enough. Though they never pushed him to pursue art, they could see his innate talent and knew it would…

Meet the Artist: For Adolfo Girala Art is a Practice of Deep Presence

Mixed media artist Adolfo Girala never intended to pursue art as a profession. In fact, it wasn’t even on his radar. Growing up in Cuba, he wasn’t exposed to art. It wasn’t much talked about or celebrated for that matter. As such, Adolfo had his sites set on…

Meet the Artist: Chad Lieske Translates His Talent in Sculpture Art to Jewelry

More often than not, the path to our predestined careers is not a linear one. But usually, that winding path provides the skills and lessons needed to excel in whatever lies ahead. That certainly has been the case for jewelry artist Chad Lieske.

Meet the Artist: Heidi Rosner Brings Her Passion for Nature to the Canvas

What happens when a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry turns professional watercolor artist? This is not the setup for a clever punchline delivery––it’s the path Heidi Rosner took on her journey to becoming a fine art artist.

Meet the Artist: Colin Branham Finds Freedom in the Creative Process

One look at Colin Branham’s work and it’s easy to feel the undulating sense of freedom and exploration that courses through his abstract pieces. Perhaps this comes through because Colin uses his art as a medium to find new ways of doing things––constantly exploring…

Meet the Artist: David Jackson is creating legacy through art and teaching

Give David Jackson a brush and a platform to teach, and he’s a happy camper. He tapped into this happy place at an early age. At just 12 years old, he knew he was going to be an artist. And over the years, he’s discovered how to…

Meet the Artist: Matt Sievers on using art to explore, feel and express emotion

Though Matt Sievers grew up with a professional artist as a father, he had his sights set on a career in business. And after earning his business degree, it was off to the races. Matt landed a sales position with GE…

Meet the Artists: Veronica & Gabriel Sandoval Found a Deep Love for this Ancient Art Form

Veronica and Gabriel Sandoval didn’t set out to pursue art as a career. In fact, they were near the opposite end of the spectrum. The duo met in college when Veronica was studying business administration and Gabriel was…

Meet the Artist: Gabriela Aguilo Uses Art to Explore the Self

For artist Gabriela Aguilo, dreams and art are interwoven. Her dreams serve as powerful guides for exploring new realms of humanity and spirituality. And her artwork is the channel through which she expresses the messages communicated to her through those dreams.

Meet the Artist: Alison Stosich on Taking a Calculated Leap into Bronze

Sculpture artist Alison Stosich always knew she wanted to be an artist, but it wasn’t until she found bronze that she really discovered her voice. The medium gave her a pathway to create all of the ideas she had percolating in her mind’s eye––more so than she could achieve with clay.

Meet the Artist: Bruce Marion on Finding His Nature in Continuous Evolution

Bruce Marion finds joy in exploration and variety. Over the course of his multi-decade career as a professional artist, he’s been an illustrator for everything from children’s games to corporate logos, an abstract artist, a landscape artist, and now a teacher.

Meet the Artist: Seth Fairweather Lives to Solve Problems No One Else Has

Seth Fairweather is equal parts artist and solutionist. In fact, he’s crafted his occupation around solving puzzles. But these are no ordinary puzzles. Instead of the typical jigsaw-cut cardboard, Seth uses materials that are far more challenging: glass and metal.

Meet the Artist: Becky Pashia Strives to Evoke Movement

“I think the biggest compliment an artist can get is to see people walk up to your art and be moved.” And for oil artist Becky Pashia, movement is the ultimate goal. She aims to achieve movement in each of her pieces, but more importantly, if she can move a viewer to feel something, she […]

Meet the Artist: Priscilla Nelson ‘This Is No Dress Rehearsal’

“This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your one and only chance.” Those words are what urged Priscilla Nelson to pursue art as a career. Before that, she was on the path to medical school, majoring in biology. Though she loved art and seemed to have a natural inclination for it, as a profession, […]

Artist Reveal: Metal Unleashed His Inner Artist

Some people are lucky enough to know at a very early age what they will be when they grow up. Even fewer are lucky enough to actually be that thing when they do in fact grow up. Artist Parker McDonald had both.

Artist Reveal: Finding Joie De Vivre In Visual Arts

For Loren Yagoda, there is inspiration to be discovered in nearly all things visual. From fashion to well-designed interiors to automobiles that embellish the pages of magazines, visuals fuel her creativity and feed her soul.

The Power of Color in Art and Design

There is a reciprocal relationship between humans and color. Sometimes it shapes us––influencing mood, emotion and behavior. And sometimes we shape it––attaching meaning, symbolism, prestige and significance to certain colors.

Artist Reveal: When Saddle Making and Artistry Converge

Lisa Skyhorse may not have always known she would be a professional saddlemaker, but she knew from an early age that she was drawn to horses, artistry and leather. And in college, these three interests finally converged.

Artist Reveal: Exploring a Love for People Through Watercolor

Spend any amount of time with Ted Nuttall and it’s easy to see he is an artist at heart. He exudes nearly every character trait of a great artist––empathy, creativity, and a love for observation and connection.

Artist Reveal: This Husband-and-Wife Duo Find a Shared Passion for Metalworking

Throughout college, metal embossing was simply a favorite pastime for Veronica Sandoval. It was during that time she introduced Gabriel (her now husband) to this ancient art form and he, too, fell in love with the craft…

Fall Edition of Art Connection

With the beautiful glow and crisp air of fall now upon us, it’s a beautiful time of year to get out and explore nature. And that’s just what this issue of Art Connection is all about! In this issue, you’ll find: A spotlight on artist Martin Blundell A feature on artists who focus on nature […]

The Wonder of Nature

Nature has long been the muse of many artists. The source of beauty is endless. Whether it’s the way the shadows and light play against each other, the vibrant colors married with the softest pastels or the unending textures in the flora and fauna, the natural landscape brings the senses to life. The animals and […]

Introducing Art Connection- The Magazine!

This summer we introduced our first issue of “Art Connection”, a print and digital magazine featuring in-depth stories about artists, tips from designers and collectors, special art events, and much more. In this issue, you’ll find: Tips for building an art collection A spotlight on artist Ray Tigerman Expert design advice from architect Craig Wickersham […]

Meet the Artist: Robin Damore Sees Art as the Window to the Soul

For portrait artist Robin Damore, a painting isn’t complete until two things occur: she’s adequately captured the spirit of the person or animal she’s painting and she’s overcome whatever challenge or lesson that painting has presented her. This criterion has led to an impeccable body of work and numerous awards (though Robin would never mention […]

Meet the Artist: Leah Kiser Uses Oil and Imagination to Show the Humorous Side of Life

Leah Kiser knew art was her calling from an early age. Even before she could draw, she’d ask others to draw pictures so she could watch the process. So, it came as little surprise that she went on to study art in college. But she didn’t initially start out in drawing. Instead, she went the […]

Meet the Artist: Photographer Jon Linton Uses Mindfulness to Push the Limits on His Art

Artist-photographer Jon Linton believes art is life and so it’s hard for him to distinctly qualify when he knew art was his calling. He sees everything as art––from the glow of a desert sunset to a well-designed pen to an automobile. And perhaps it’s that eye and attention to detail that has made him so […]

Meet the Artist: Leah Rei Found Freedom in Mixed Media

Set on the path of becoming an engineer, Leah Rei made a somewhat surprising turn when it came time to apply for college. Something deep inside urged her to instead apply for the arts program. She listened to that voice and it’s led her on a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Leah has developed an eager […]

Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Butler’s Art is an Endeavor of Exploration and Evolution

Elizabeth Butler’s oil paintings, which often depict floral scapes, are absolutely breathtaking. But beyond the vibrant color palette and beauty that emanates from these pieces, there’s a deeper story––one of transformation, self expression, and coming home. Initially, painting was a way for Elizabeth to find stillness amid the chaos of life. It was an outlet […]

Meet the Artist: Diana Ferguson Architects Structural Jewelry to Evoke Self Expression

For artist Diana Ferguson, beaded jewelry represents much more than wearable fashion. It’s sculpture, architecture and adornment that can evoke a personal sense of expression and creativity. And Diane finds her own sense of expression, and freedom, in the creation of each of her pieces. Though she’s always been a creative soul, Diana didn’t explore […]

Meet the Artist: Gregory Sievers Strives to Evoke Joy Through Romanticism

Art has always been a part of Gregory Sievers’ life. At a very young age, he naturally took to drawing and his appetite for creativity only continued to cultivate as he grew up. But it wasn’t until after a stint in the US Navy that he found his way to painting. From there, a deep […]

Meet the Artist: How David Barkby Turned a Career in Woodworking into an Art Form

Artist David Barkby was first introduced to the world of woodworking in his teenage years during a job at a cabinet shop. Fast forward 40 years, and while he’s still creating structural, wooden wall pieces, these rely on his creative eye rather than on a blueprint. The years spent in the cabinetry-making arena gave David […]

Meet the Artist: Jim Budish Found His Voice and Joy in Whimsical Sculptures

Whimsical, playful, full of life. These are all words that describe Jim Budish’s sculptures that are sure to bring a smile. Jim’s early sculptures were realistic and representational but he felt they were lacking the joy and whimsy he wanted to express in his work. A lighthearted spirit, he seems to find joyful inspiration everywhere […]

Meet the Artist: Suzy Almblade Aims to Capture the Magic of the Moment

Scottsdale native Suzy Almblade has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She and her twin sister spent hours of their childhood surrounded by art supplies and it became a hobby they could lose themselves in for hours. There was no doubt that art was the path for them. Suzy dabbled in […]

Meet the Artist: Shannon Leigh’s Work Evokes Truth Through Simplicity

The red circle symbolizes many things to many people. For some, it represents power, manifestation and creation. In Native American culture, red ochre circles around the eyes often indicated war paint. In Japan, the hollow red circle indicates something being complete, similar to a checkmark. Indeed, this symbol can evoke different meanings and truths for […]

Meet the Artist: Sabrina Cavinaghi Takes Cues from Nature to Push Glass Art to the Next Level

Sabrina Cavinaghi isn’t one to shy away from experimentation. From a move across the globe to a career shift after a chance apprenticeship with a renowned glass artist to testing the limits with fused glass, she relishes unpredictable outcomes. Along her journey, Sabrina has become a highly skilled glass artist with a one-of-a-kind, experimental style. […]

Meet the Artist: Jan Bushart Strives to Create an Immersive Experience

For Jan Bushart, painting on location from nature (en plein air) is the only way she knows how to create a truly immersive experience for the viewers of her pieces. As a nature buff, this…well…came naturally. By immersing herself in the scene, she’s able to capture nature in all of its perfection––the light and shadow, […]

Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Hake Translates Jewelry Into Sculptural Wall Art

Some people are lucky enough to find that thing they were meant to do in life––the thing that seemingly comes naturally to them. And when they do, everything seems to just flow. It’s as if they had been doing it all along, even if it’s their first time. And for artist Elizabeth Hake, that was […]

Preserving a 50-Year Gift of Love

Kathryn Carole Ellison began writing poetry for her children in the 1970s. It started simply enough––one new poem each day of Advent. Through these poems, she passed along life lessons and words of wisdom to help them make good life decisions, trust their inner knowing and engage in life in a meaningful way. That first […]

Meet the Artist: Danny Bushart’s Curvilinear Journey to Jewelry Design

Some artists are called to the profession from childhood and others find it through sheer serendipity. And when they do, they know they’ve found their place. This is the story of jewelry artist Danny Bushart. Danny’s first exposure was in high school when he opted for a jewelry-making class, assuming it would be more fun […]

Meet the Artist: Ray Tigerman Uses His Work as a Form of Storytelling and Experience Sharing

From Nevada to Nashville, artist Ray Tigerman has collected stories along his journey that have influenced his texturally rich and vibrant works that depict indigenous Southwestern people and wildlife. And while he purposely emits fine detail to allow the viewer to form their own story, the use of color and texture creates an immediate connection […]

Horses, Heart and Connection: Tammy Tappan’s Work Captures It All

Inspiration comes easily for Tammy Tappan. Known for her captivating renderings of horses in both bronze and acrylic, Tammy has a strong affinity for horses and knows for certain there’s nothing else she’d rather portray. Prior to taking a leap of faith to pursue her passion, Tammy operated a commercial sign business and worked in […]

Meet the Artist: Architecture and Native American Heritage Shape Doug Fountain’s Distinct Art Work

Doug Fountain’s Native American name is Wah-lee-tah-kah Won-cha, and it couldn’t be more fitting. It translates to “Brave One” and Doug embodies this spirit in his artwork as well as his career path. Originally an architectural engineer, Doug began experimenting with art, working with plaster and other materials to create rich textured and layered pieces […]

Meet the Artist: Dan Romero’s Journey from the Box Office to Bronze

Dan Romero’s journey to becoming a bronze sculptor seems like it could have been lifted straight from a screenplay. It involves a smattering of intriguing characters, a “hero’s journey” dotted with a serendipitous encounter and obstacles to overcome, and finishes with a victorious ending (spoiler alert). Dan spent more than 40 years in the film […]

Artist Reveal: Using Nature to Guide Her Work 

Whether it was watching Bob Ross on channel 8 or the hours spent with her twin sister (Suzy Almblade) creating art, Roxanne Almblade found her calling early in life.  Initially, she started as an illustration artist, but would frequently revisit painting. It was only a matter of time before the urge to paint full time […]

Artist Reveal: Bringing the Unimaginable to Life

Dinosaurs in fancy tutus and top hats. An octopus walking dogs. The sheer thought of these is enough to bring a smile to your face or at least make you ponder. These are just some of the whimsical, fun subjects of artist Leah Kiser’s oil paintings. She’s come to be known for her extraneous and […]

Artist Reveal: Suzy Almblade Found Her Calling in the Unexpected

Some individuals are just hardwired to create art and it seems to pour out of them from an early age. That was the case for Suzy Almblade, who, alongside her twin sister Roxanne, has been drawing for as long as she can remember. The two would teach each other new techniques and encourage each other […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Piecing Together Uncontrolled Stories

Aileen Frick began her professional career as an engineer, but on a search for a creative outlet, she enrolled in an art class. Initially, that class was just about learning the art of oil painting, but one day her teacher threw a curveball at the class––they were going to try their hands at collage art. […]

Artist Reveal: Capturing the Joie de Vivre in Sculpture

Jim Budish aims to capture and reflect back out the ‘Joie de Vivre, or enjoyment of life, he believes lives within all of us. He does this through his whimsical bronze sculptures of special creatures and the human form. But his early career was much different. Before tapping into what he believes is his true […]

Artist Reveal: Sabrina Cavenaghi A journey from business administration in Italy to glass art in L.A.

Sabrina Cavenaghi says when she discovered glass art, it was love at first sight. But prior to finding that love, she lived a completely different life.  Born and raised in a small town north of Milan in Italy, Sabrina ventured down the business path, studying business administration at Bocconi University. After earning her degree in […]

Artist Reveal: Tammy Tappan finds inspiration from life-long love of horses

“From the minute I touched clay, I just knew I should have been doing this my whole life. I just love it.” Tammy Tappan has always been a “horse person” and a creative. Though she didn’t start her foray into fine art until 2016, the art of creating has been a life-long calling. In fact, […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Finding an Artful Purpose For Discarded Cowboy Hat Felt

Sundie Ruppert and her husband Brad have been experimenting with found-object art for decades. A fortuitous commission for signage at a hat store opened a new door for the Rupperts to explore working with the discarded felt remnants from the brims of cowboy hats. In exploring this unconventional medium, the Rupperts have unlocked layers of […]

Art With a Message: Healing Through Words

A woman of many talents, Erin Matlock is an artist, author, public speaker and mental health advocate. Her interests may seem divergent at first glance, but there is a golden thread that powerfully stitches together each in a very meaningful way: her commitment to building compassionate connection and spreading love. Much of Erin’s work revolves […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Bringing an Ancient Tradition to Life in the Modern Era

A series of chance encounters during her frequent trips to Japan as a flight attendant led Karen O’Hanlon to the art of folding Japanese paper. She was immediately drawn in by the history and tradition that surrounded the artform and the papers, as well as the precision required in working with such a delicate medium. […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Discovering Meaning in Serendipitous Exploration

Mixed media artist Timothy Weldon creates his singular pieces by incorporating found objects with a vintage flair. From classic board games to well-worn wooden household items, Timothy searches high and low for the elements to compose his works. No source is off-limits –– he’s scoured everywhere from estate sales to found objects on the roadside. […]

Art With a Message: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Art is a powerful communication channel. Whether the intention of the artist or not, art communicates messages that transcend time and place, and resonate for every viewer in very different ways. While every viewer has their own unique experience with a given piece of art, it still somehow manages to connect people no matter their […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Finding Malleability in Concrete

Kathleen Hope began her art career working in oil and acrylic, but in a quest for achieving a very specific texture she had in mind, she began exploring other mediums. The oil and acrylic weren’t quite cutting it. One client’s relocation to warmer climes, and an ensuing request for Kathleen to create outdoor art, inspired […]

Caring for Outdoor Art

You are likely already acquainted with the joys of displaying art inside your home. But what about your outdoor spaces? The realities of last year inspired many of us to make the most of the living space beyond our four walls and in our lawns, gardens, and backyards. Art has the power to bring energy, […]

Art To Adorn Your Outdoor Space

2020 inspired many of us to maximize our outdoor areas and create bonus living space beyond the four walls of our homes. For many, that meant upgrading patio furniture, investing in outdoor kitchens, finally planting that vegetable garden, building gazebos, or perhaps even creating a serenity garden. These were some really excellent home improvements to […]

Meet the Artist: Marie McCallum Captures Unique Stories of Signs

Like many fine artists, oil painter Marie McCallum always loved art, but practicality led her to pursue a related career with greater earning potential. After almost 20 years as a sign artist and gilder, Marie finally made the leap to oil painting in the early 1990s. Her interest in graphic design and background in mural […]

Meet the Artist: Aileen Frick Pieces Together a New Career Path

Mixed media collage artist Aileen Frick took an interest in art at a young age, but the rigors of high school academics pulled her away from creative endeavors and led her to a career in engineering. It wasn’t until a friend asked her to take a painting class after work that Aileen rediscovered her talent […]

Summer Inspirations: 7 Artists to Collect

Summer often symbolizes freedom and growth. From school vacation and summer sleepaway camp in our youths to cross-country road trips or European adventures in adulthood, summer is the perfect time to escape the mundane and embrace fun and adventure. Summer, and especially the solstice, is also a time for reflection, celebrating light and connection to […]

Meet the Artist: How a Chance Visit to Amsterdam Gave Jennifer Vranes New Perspective on Texture

Jennifer Vranes received a formal art education in college, but as she continued down her artistic path, her creative passion began to wane. That is until she visited The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Seeing van Gogh’s work in person —— the bold colors, thick paint and strong brushwork —— reignited a creative fire within […]

Meet the Artist: Paul Farmer Finds His Calling in Unique Stones

Paul Farmer’s artistry is grounded in an ancient technique called granulation, which he uses to create intricate settings and bands for colorful gemstones. Paul is passionate about delving into the various aspects of his craft. He’s studied goldsmithing and granulation techniques with three masters, which empowers him to unlock new ways to create ever more […]

Meet the Artist: Isabelle Posillico Transfers Her Background in Architecture to Jewelry Making

Isabelle Posillico is a contemporary jewelry designer with a knack for letting her medium speak to her. When designing her pieces, Isabelle arranges stones and metal, but then she listens as they lead her to new creative ways of expressing her artistry through jewelry. She’s thrilled to watch her pieces evolve organically, and her collectors […]

Meet the Artist: How a Trip to Mexico Got Martha Pettigrew Painting Again

Martha Pettigrew has been part of the Celebration of Fine Art family for 25 years. In that time, she’s experimented with both sculpture and painting. She finds creative inspiration everywhere and is never afraid to go where it leads. Martha believes we all have an artist within us and she has followed her inner artist […]

Meet the Artist: Michael McRae Finds His Purpose in Metalworking

Michael McRae is a metalsmith who creates one-of-a-kind silver, gold, and precious stone jewelry, and has been in the arts and creative world for nearly four decades. Up until a few years ago, Michael was a photographer shooting fashion and product for national brands. However, as digital techniques took over the profession, Michael sought out […]

Meet the Artist: Levi Selway Celebrates a Life Well Lived Through Sculpture

Levi Selway is a figurative sculptor who revels in creating works that celebrate a life well-lived. Levi’s mother, who sadly passed away when he was a child, loved art. She was a painter whose works filled Levi’s childhood home. And her creative spirit lives on in Levi. He uses his artwork to inspire others to […]

Meet the Artist: Barbara Rudolph Brings Together Birds and Storytelling

Barbara Rudolph is an oil painter who delights in imbuing her work with whimsy, humor and a story. She has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, and after leaving her job in publishing, she began painting still lifes full time. For Barbara, painting is a source of pure joy and […]

Meet the Artist: Adriana Socol Discovers a Passion for Woven Wearable Art

Adriana Socol’s handwoven jewelry and accessories appear as if they come from another time and place. Her signature fiber weaving technique, which she learned in her travels to Central America, allows her to create singular pieces designed to evoke a connection with its wearer. She shares how she got started in art, how her work […]

Meet the Artist: Michael Jones Finds Strength in Simplicity…and Steel

Michael Jones is a steel sculptor from Bigfork Montana, who has been participating in the Celebration of Fine Art for the past 23 years. Although his work is diverse, spanning contemporary twisted reed sculptures and towering totems to custom gates and fire screens, each piece exudes strength and simplicity. A craftsman through and through, it’s […]

Meet the Artist: Troy Moody Finds Peace in Glass Work

Troy Moody first discovered fine art glass in his late teens. Over the years his glass techniques have evolved and grown to include a repertoire of stained glass, kiln-formed glass, and mixed media collage. He recently began collaborating with his mother, Maxine, a longtime watercolor artist. Maxine paints works on her art board and Troy […]

Meet the Artist: Carolyn Thome Zooms in on Life’s Everyday Objects

Carolyn Thome has been interested in photography since high school, but it was a 50th birthday present from her husband –– a personal studio for her to use on whatever she desired ––  that set her down the path of pursuing fine art photography in adulthood. Carloyn’s love of mushrooms and the natural world at large […]

Meet the Artist: Aiden Kringen’s Evolution from Street Art to Figurative

Aiden Kringen grew up immersed in art and from that early age, he developed a deep-seated passion for it. He knew in high school what his career path would be and pushed himself to take any medium or genre he explored as far as he could. Today, Aiden paints the figure using oil on canvas, […]

Meet the Artist: Sundie Ruppert Finds Purpose for Felted Fur

Meet Sundie Ruppert, a sculpture felt artist who has found a unique use for remnant felt from hat brims. She works alongside her husband Brad Ruppert, using rescued pieces of felt, to create detailed, dimensional works of art that toe the line between wall art and sculpture.  The duo brought innovation to one of the […]

Meet the Artist: Caleb Siegler Finds the Delicate Balance Between Glass and Steel

A chance encounter with a glassblower at a Renaissance Festival nearly two decades ago kickstarted Caleb Siegler on a journey that would forever change his life.  “I had never seen glass blowing in person before,” he said. “I thought that is amazing. It looks hot. It looks dangerous. It looks fun. It’s intimidating but really […]

Meet the Artist: Terrell Powell Finds Whimsy in the Mundane

You know a Terrell Powell work of art when you see one. His mixed media and sculpture pieces are distinctively energetic, colorful, whimsical and spontaneous. And his love and passion for what he does shine through in everything he creates. According to Terrell, he’s been making art all his life, earning a BFA from the […]

Meet the Artist: Kenneth Ober Uses an Unlikely Tool To Create His Work

Kenneth Ober was drawn to art at a young age. In fact, his mom still has some of his work from his preschool days. His passion for art and creative abilities continued to unfold throughout his childhood and by high school, it had become his primary focus. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kenneth moved to Maryland […]

Meet the Artist: Shari Lyon Commemorates Dreamscapes with Encaustic

Shari Lyon may be a new artist to the Celebration of Fine Art this year, but the art lover turned encaustic wax artist is a long-time fan of the show. In fact, she and her husband (also an artist) have been attending for decades.  Though they now live in Utah, Shari recalls fond memories of […]

Commissioning Art: What You Need to Know

Commissioning a piece of art can be a rewarding and joyful experience for art lovers. But, naturally, for first-timers, there can be a lot of mystery and questions surrounding the process. How much will it cost? How much do I get to influence the final piece? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I […]

Meet the Artist: Cary Henrie

Mixed media artist Cary Henrie is a bit of a chameleon. He’s continually evolving his work to stay a step ahead of trends, but also to challenge himself. Cary grew up in Utah without a TV and parents who loved and encouraged art. He recalls he and his siblings becoming very adept at drawing and […]

The $5k Challenge: Curating A Contemporary Collection

At first blush, starting an art collection can seem intimidating and something that’s reserved only for those with millions in expendable income. But building a collection of original art can be done in an affordable way and can truly be something enjoyed by everyone. In this series, we’ll explore a variety of collections under $5,000 […]

How to Buy Art Online

This past year, many of us spent countless hours at home. This time within our four walls has inspired some to undertake design projects, while others have turned their focus to collecting art. Purchasing artwork for your home has a number of benefits. Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, collecting art that you love can […]

Look Who’s Coming to the Show This Year

Each year, the Celebration of Fine Art welcomes 100 fine art artists to the “big white tents”. While many are returning artists –– and three have been at every show for the past 31 years –– we also introduce a number of new artists to the Celebration family. From sculptural felt to classical realism to […]

Art to Inspire the New Year

The passage of the new year is rife with symbolism. For many, it represents a fresh start, an opportunity to create anew and to shed any woes that accumulated over the previous 365 days. As such, people around the globe welcome the new year with unique rituals –– many of them focused on ushering good […]

At Home With The Artists: Judith Dickinson

In this edition of “At Home with the Artists,” figurative artist Judith Dickinson, hailing from Brighton, Colorado, takes us on a journey through her one-of-a-kind studio. Formerly serving as the police department of Brighton, the building now houses Judith’s gallery and studio. She was asked by the city to help turn it into an art […]

At Home With The Artists: Priscilla Nelson

In this edition of “At Home with the Artists,” contemporary figurative artist Priscilla Nelson takes us on a journey through her studio/gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. See some of the tools she uses to fuel her inspiration.

Creating an Inspired Workspace with the Right Art

Art has the power to spark passion, deep elation, sensations of love, bliss, and even imagination. And today, there’s a growing mass of research and scientific evidence depicting just how art impacts mental wellbeing, health, brain function, and feelings of love. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that art is often incorporated into the […]

At Home with the Artists: Kim Ballard

In this edition of “At Home with the Artists”, we venture inside the home and working art studio of figurative artist Kim Ballard. She takes us on a full tour of her Minneapolis loft that previously served as a fire station, and even shows us where she stretches her own canvas.

Perfecting The Art Of The Salon-Style Gallery Hang

The “Salon Style Hang” can be traced back to 1667 and the beginning of the French Royal Academy salon in Paris. Showcasing work from the academy’s students and masters, the floor-to-ceiling layout highlighted art across an array of genres, styles and mediums, and crowded together selections that both complemented and contrasted one another. Naturally, this […]

All You Need Is…Art?

The Beatles said, “Love is all you need.” But maybe there is something else. Maybe there’s a precursor to this sentiment. And maybe that thing is art. Not to discredit the Beatles. We certainly need love. But art can spark passion, evoke deep elation, conjure up sensations of love and pure bliss, and even unlock […]

Painting Western Landscapes from the Intersection of Memory and Reality

Martin Blundell’s decades-long journey as an artist started on an ordinary day. In grade school, he had a teacher who would separate his class into groups for art projects. One day, Martin used watercolors to paint a scene of yellow aspen trees. His teacher was genuinely impressed, and soon enough his parents also took notice […]

Using Oil, Acrylic and Sculpture to Celebrate Joyful Moments in Life

Stuart Yankell’s foray into art was heavily inspired by two individuals: his father, who was both a research biochemist and accomplished artist, and his father’s best friend, Leon Bibel, an artist who worked under Diego Rivera in the 1930s. Growing up around these two taught Stuart to look at the world in new ways that […]

Uncovering the Dynamic Power and Beauty of Florals

Elizabeth Butler was raised in a big family that loved art. Creativity was encouraged and nurtured, which led her to explore a number of mediums from a young age. She always knew art would be a part of her life, but she didn’t know it could be her career. While in college, Elizabeth pursued a […]

Celebrating the Familiar with a Contemporary Flair for Nostalgia

Erin Berrett is an oil painter known for still lifes depicting beloved objects, such as newspapers, candies and household items. Her style is a mix of contemporary realism and nostalgia, and her works celebrate the familiar with a modern flair all her own. Erin has created art her whole life, progressing from drawing and doodling […]

Interpreting Pathways Between Heaven and Earth Through Symbols

Michael Beckerat’s journey in art hasn’t been a continuous path. He first began drawing when he was very young, but stopped making art for a long time. Then, about eight years ago, he was house sitting for some artist friends when he reignited his passion for art. Alone with no cell phone, no internet service […]

Stirring People’s Emotions Through Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Artists can never be sure when inspiration might strike –– or at what age. For Santiago Michalek, it happened when he was just a child spending time with his grandfather.  “He used to draw these really terrible stick drawings of horses, and I thought they were incredible because I was three or four years old,” […]

Bringing Steel, Wood and Concrete to Life with Contemporary Sculptures

Steel, wood and concrete are all around us, and for artists like Carlos Page, the possibilities of these mediums are endless. Carlos’ first experience creating art was 30 years ago in San Francisco. He had left his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina to apprentice for a few years with a metal-works artist in the Bay […]

Creating Joyful Landscapes Through Color and Movement

Michael McKee is a pastel artist from Cleveland who now calls Arizona home. And while today he’s known for jaw-dropping abstract and landscape pastels that are bursting with bright colors, it wasn’t always his medium. Michael’s introduction to art was at six years old –– an interest that was fostered by musically inclined parents who […]

Uncovering What Inspires This Third Generation Artist

Colin Branham is an acrylic artist based in Malibu, California. As a third generation artist, creativity is something he grew up around. By middle school, his immense talent was already beginning to emerge and take shape. In fact, the first piece of art Colin ever sold was in middle school. One of his pieces was […]

Engineering a One-of-a-Kind Technique for Weaving Glass

Mark Lewanski was a kindergartener when his passion for art was first ignited. Before his teacher had the chance to introduce students to shapes, Mark had mastered spheres, cubes and pyramids. He became fascinated with these three dimensional shapes, and spent hours drawing and shading them in.  As Mark got older, his interest in the […]

Exploring Creativity With Soulful Works of Art

Adolfo Girala grew up in Cuba in the 1970s and spent much of his youth playing on the beach. At the time, art was the furthest thing on his mind. It wasn’t until later in life that he had the desire to explore his creativity.  While working as a computer repairman, Adolfo started painting little […]

Evoking Peace and Calm Through the Beauty of Still Lifes

An appreciation for art was instilled in Leslie Duke at a very young age. Some of her earliest memories involve studying beautiful artwork in children’s books with her mother and poring over fine art prints her father had collected from some of his favorite artists.  Over the years, Leslie’s creative interest continued to grow, and […]

Breaking the Mold with Stainless Steel Sculptures

 Ryan Schmidt’s fine art stainless steel sculptures are instantly recognizable, sweeping upwards and out into sleek curves, arcs and lines, and capturing the reflections of the surrounding landscapes.. The sculptures are polished with a mirror-finish, catching the sun, clouds and movement around them, and inspiring the viewer with new discoveries every day. Ryan is such […]

Capturing a Sense of Mystery Through Fine Art Photography

Jon Linton has always had a deep appreciation for the arts –– he just didn’t realize what a significant impact it would have on his life. After living in New York City and working in the fashion industry, Jon moved to Arizona to start a magazine dedicated to art. Years later, when his friend and […]

Paying Homage to Indigenous Cultures With Historical Accuracy

When he was in third grade, James Ayers received an assignment that would foreshadow his future career as an artist. At the time, the holidays were just around the corner so his teacher tasked his class to draw Santa Claus. What James soon realized was that his Santa came out markedly better than everyone else’s––including […]

Showcasing the Beauty of Nature With an Unexpected Medium

 Everyone’s journey in life takes a few twists and turns, especially those who choose to pursue art. Take Cathy Sheeter, who grew up in a family that encouraged her creativity from a very young age. In fact, one of her earliest memories consists of her holding crayons. Cathy’s mom even made a point to draw […]

I am grateful that art opens new worlds.

In our Gratitude Series, we explore the relationship between art and gratitude, and the impact both have on our world.  Martin Blundell, an oil painter based in Bountiful, Utah, believes art has the power to create new realities and understanding for people. Leading with this philosophy, Martin approaches his artwork with a dedication to inspire […]

Opening Night of the 30th Annual Celebration of Fine Art

Now celebrating its 30th year, the Celebration of Fine Art is widely recognized for a diverse array of exceptional art, but more importantly for an inviting and interactive atmosphere that encourages connection between art lovers and artists. It’s because of this atmosphere and the ability to interact with artists and learn about their process that […]

Three Decades of Connecting Artists and Art Lovers

In 1989, Tom and Ann Morrow were vacationing in Southern California when they came upon a trio of art festivals: the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, the Laguna Art-A-Fair and the Sawdust Art Festival. Known as one of the West’s top art destinations, it was only natural Laguna Beach would appeal to Tom and Ann’s […]

30 Years: Celebrating Three Artists Who’ve Been Here Since the Beginning

In 1990, Tom and Ann Morrow put out a call to artists to gauge their interest in participating in a new kind of art show in Scottsdale, Arizona. To their delight, hundreds of artists responded, so the Morrows set up a jurying event in a rented garage in the Scottsdale Airpark to select the final […]

Artist Reveal: Todd Paxton

 Todd Paxton is a renowned bronze sculptor celebrated for capturing the humanity and history of the subjects he creates. He is drawn to themes ranging from parenthood and honor to love and longing, and works with precision to depict stories through the subtlest of details. Whether it’s the defiant tilt of a chin, the tension […]

Artist Reveal: James Ayers

 James Ayers is a painter of historic Native American cultures. Dedicated to honoring the customs and beauty of these traditional cultures, James has gained a reputation for his historical accuracy, which can be seen reflected in the hair, clothing and weapons of his subjects.  “I study historic artifacts, research customs and rituals, and marry these […]

Countdown: Arts & Culture

The opportunity for artistic discovery is not limited to paintings on canvas. Arizona’s arts and culture scene is rich with a wide range of offerings. Wherever your interests may lie, there are concerts and productions that will inspire you. When you’re in town visiting the Celebration of Fine Art, we recommend you also make time […]

Artist Reveal: Robin Damore

The thing about creativity is that you can’t ignore it. Creativity will nag at you until you finally let it work its magic. This was certainly the case for Robin Damore, who for nearly 20 years was dedicated to growing an advertising agency she co-founded. While there are many aspects of advertising that call on […]

Countdown: Museums to Visit

A trip to Celebration of Fine Art wouldn’t be complete without immersing yourself in the other world-class art exhibits and events the Valley has to offer. Though you may have visited some of these in the past, they are constantly evolving and worth experiencing again and again. First up, there’s Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of […]

Artist Reveal: Hannah Friel

 Hannah Friel is a resin and mixed media artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona known for creating ethereal works of art that resemble nature. Her first foray into the world of art began as a child watching her grandmother paint with watercolors. Almost immediately, she was drawn to the mess of an artist’s studio and the […]

Countdown: Where to Eat

 When it comes to places to vacation and unwind in the winter, Arizona is hard to beat. Scottsdale in particular is celebrated for crisp weather, exciting sporting events and its unique landscape. But Scottsdale also has a thriving food scene that’s not to be missed. If you’re visiting the Celebration of Fine Art, you’ll meet […]

I Am Grateful For The Joy Art Creates

They say gratitude is good for the heart –– and it isn’t any wonder why. Living a life of gratitude shifts the focus away from what’s lacking to the abundance around us. It’s about seeing the world through a series of miracles, both tiny and tremendous. In that regard, art runs many parallels. In this […]

Artist Reveal: Whitney Hall

 Oil painter Whitney Hall was born and raised in San Diego, where she studied under contemporary impressionists, expressionists and colorists. About a decade ago she relocated to Montana and began to shift her subject matter from humans to animals.  Today, Whitney’s colorful compositions are rooted in the figurative approach she honed in Southern California, and […]

Countdown: Things to Do in Scottsdale

Regardless of whether you are visiting or you’re a local, there are places, activities and adventures to be discovered in the Valley.

Artist Reveal: Diana Ferguson

Diana Ferguson is a jeweler known for embracing bold, graphic designs to create whimsical, lightweight earrings, bracelets and more out of metal, paper, resin, glass and beads. Her work, which strikes a balance between feminine and fun, is often described as colorful conversation starters.  For years, much of Diana’s inspiration for jewelry stemmed from her […]

Countdown: Best Places to Stay

With sunny skies, cool breezes and a lush desert landscape, it’s hard to imagine a more desirable place to visit than Arizona in January.

Second Generation Artist Paving His Own Way

Matt Sievers has painting in his blood. His father is artist Greg Sievers, who has been participating in the Celebration of Fine Art for more than 25 years. “I grew up painting with my dad,” Matt says. “There are five of us kids. He was eager to teach any of us that would listen, but […]

Bringing Happiness to Life Through Cheerful Creatures on Canvas

What does your hometown have to do with what kind of artist you become? For Jenny Foster, a small Arizona town along the Colorado River surrounded by petroglyphs and pottery shards left by the American Indians was exactly what fed her early exploration into art and continues to influence her style today. “When I was […]

Art Lovers Unite! Introducing Celebration of Fine Art’s Couples of the Tent

To round out our “Tent Series” blog posts, we’ve put together a special one that we think you’ll adore –– this year’s couples of the tent! Not only are each of the show’s 100 artists lucky to do what they love for a living, some of them get to do it alongside of the person […]

Celebration of Fine Art’s Red Apron and Gate Greeter Teams

  Office team? Check. Cafe team? Check. Men of the tent? Check, check, check! We’ve shown some love to a few of the teams that help our world go round, but it’s high time we introduce you to our Red Apron and Gate Greeters! There is no way that this show would be what it […]

Creating Works of Art to Honor the Vibrancy of Nature

There’s no question budding young artists can be helped along by supportive families. That was the case for Leah Rei, who was born in Colorado but raised in Arizona. Her childhood is filled with memories sewing, embroidering, coloring and making collages to pass the time. “I was introduced to art at a very young age,” […]

Sharing the Sculptural Beauty of Basket Artistry

When you walk into the Celebration of Fine Art and turn to the left, one of the first studios you’ll see is Montana Blue Heron, a space filled with unique, colorful baskets, woven sculptures and three-dimensional wall art in dramatic shapes and sizes. Montana Blue Heron is a collaborative effort between husband and wife Marilyn […]

The art of creating unique burl woodturnings

Few people enjoy a direct and seamless path into a successful career as an artist. To some, it’s an obvious calling from a young age. To others, it’s a result of the zigs and zags life throws out along the way. The latter was the case for acclaimed woodturner David Barkby, who didn’t fully pursue […]

Celebrating Romanticism in Modern Scenes that Call Upon the Past

For Greg Sievers, art has always been a major part of his life. When asked about his earliest artistic endeavors, he often recounts a charming story that foreshadows his future career as an artist. “I got kicked out of 5th grade for drawing caricatures of the teacher,” Greg laughs. “My mom had to get me […]

Using a Trademark Style to Capture Classic Scenes of the West

The West has always captivated Kirk Randle, who grew up in Utah amongst the sweeping landscapes and expansive skies synonymous with this part of the country. He was young, just barely a teenager, when he began to observe and appreciate his surroundings with an artistic eye. “My grandmother was a painter and when I was […]

Painting With Subtle Symbols That Connect Us All

Many of the artists at the Celebration of Fine Art discovered their creative inclinations while they were young children. But who says there’s an age requirement to become an artist? Take, for example, Pete Tillack. Today he is an oil and acrylic painter renowned for his highly recognizable style, but he didn’t begin to explore […]

Eclectic Works of Art Inspired By World Travels

Jodi Walsh is a true mixed medium artist, who combines ceramics, stainless steel and wood to create beautiful objects, including folding clay and hand-built ceramics. “My first introduction into art happened outdoors when I was five or six years old in Canada,” says Jodi. “It was fall and I went outside and designed a complete […]

Distinctive and Playful Paintings That Bring Joy to All

Bruce Marion’s first introduction to art was through his father, a creative man who had studied art under the GI Bill and attended two art schools. Delighted his son had decided to explore his creativity at such a ripe age, he wholeheartedly supported Bruce digging into this newfound passion. “He started me out in art […]

Meet the Men of the Tent

Now that you’ve met our beloved office and cafe teams, it’s time to meet the fellas of the Celebration of Fine Art! Doug Morrow, Fred Kirts, Jake Potje and Kenny Davis have been a part of the Celebration of Fine Art for a combined 52 years, and manage everything from setting up the big white […]

Sharing their love of art with the world

Most people recognize the Celebration of Fine Art as being the show where art lovers and artists connect. But for the husband and wife artist duo Joe Axton and Mari Giddings, it didn’t take a show to bring them together, just simply their shared love of art. “On our first date together I went looking […]

The Joys of Using Copper to Create Art

Sheri Meldrum remembers the first piece of art that she fell in love with. It was a landscape painting her grandmother had in her living room. As a child, Sheri would stare at the painting and imagine one day visiting such a place. It was then she realized the power art had to spark a […]

Utilizing an Ultra-Contemporary Glass Blowing Technique

Most children discover art through crayons and watercolors, but for Anthony Barbano, it was the loom in the second grade. From then on his artistic inclinations only increased –– in junior high he was introduced to ceramics, which he continued focusing on through his high school years. A BFA with an emphasis on ceramics followed […]

Telling stories through the wonders of wildlife

Bryce Pettit grew up in awe of the wonders of nature and to this day maintains a deep connection with the natural world. From a young age, he spent copious amounts of time outdoors and became captivated not only by his surroundings but also the wildlife he’d encounter exploring different landscapes. The pull he felt […]

Showing respect with historic preservationist art

Art has been one of Sandi Ciaramitaro’s great passions in life –– a fervor fueled by her extensive background in design, which has always existed at the heart of her career. While many of her years was spent as an autobody designer, she eventually pivoted to embrace her knack for creating fine art, including oil […]

Meet Celebration of Fine Art’s Cafe Team

Last week we introduced you to our wonderful office team! This week we’re excited to highlight the cafe team, including Kathleen “Kathy” Thorpe, Amy Connolly and Samantha McLain. These gals never miss a beat, serving up everything from hot cocoa to your favorite cabernet –– all from the center of our big white tent! If […]

Painting in layers to build on nature’s beauty

Trevor Swanson comes from a family of artists. His great grandfather was a painter, and after it skipped a generation, both his father and uncle were professional painters as well. And while today Trevor is a renowned artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal, he joined the  tradition innocently enough by picking […]

Introducing the Celebration of Fine Art’s Office Team

Quite often we talk about the diverse and eclectic group of artists at the Celebration of Fine Art (there are 100 of them, after all!). But there are a number of people who work behind the scenes to make sure the show runs smoothly. If you’ve ever wondered more about the people behind the tent […]

Figurative works in a contemporary realism style

Artists are keen observers of the world around them, taking in shapes and colors and imagining how they could turn them into works of art. Priscilla Nelson is no exception. As an avid people-watcher, she discovered art as a child. In the beginning, she drew with pencils. As she got older, her supportive parents would […]

Artist Reveal: Troy Moody

Troy Moody is a designer and craftsman of unique glass art. He cut his first piece of glass more than two decades ago and while he’s applied the time-tested techniques used by others in this storied profession for more than a thousand years, he has come into a fresh style that is uniquely his own. […]

Artist Reveal: Stephanie Revennaugh

Stephanie Revennaugh became captivated with horses at an early age. She recalls reading children’s books with horses and ponies, developing the dream to ride and spending hours sketching their form. Eventually she took up showing jumpers and even managed a dressage barn. There was no question Stephanie’s life’s work would center on her passion for […]

Artist Reveal: Mark Lewanski

Every artist at the Celebration of Fine Art has a completely unique style. And glass artist Mark Lewanski is no exception. In his first year with the show, Mark stands out for his one-of-a-kind woven glass vessels and wall sculptures. His pieces are breathtaking, vibrant and have the power to immediately draw a viewer in […]

Artist Reveal: Keith Bond

Keith Bond is a celebrated landscape artist known for field studies painted en plein air. He finds inspiration in nature, especially in remote landscapes untouched by humans. Keith, who is less interested in depicting a landscape scene down to the exact leaves on the ground, utilizes juicy brushstrokes to evoke the peace and serenity he […]

Artist Reveal: Elizabeth Butler

 If you are the type of person who can’t help but stop and smell the roses, there’s one name you must know: Elizabeth Butler. Elizabeth isn’t simply known for her original oil floral paintings. She’s known for their intense and extravagant beauty, and her ability to illustrate abundance and drama through the use of rich […]

Artist Reveal: Colin Branham

Colin’s work is highly experimental and runs the gamut, with paintings that incorporate dramatic colors with sweeping lines and shapes to others more muted in tone but more intricate in detail.

Artist Reveal: Sondra Wampler

Sondra Wampler has always been intrigued by the arts. While pursuing a career in commercial photography, she found herself drawn to modern painters as well as early masters of photography.

Countdown 2019: Museums to Visit

The Valley of the Sun is home to warm sunshine, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant arts and culture scene. After your visit to the Celebration of Fine Art, fill your itinerary with the best museums the Valley has to offer.

Artist Reveal: Jodi Walsh

Jodi Walsh is a creator of beautiful objects, including folding clay and hand-built ceramics. Inspired by the endless possibilities of fashion and design, Jodi’s work is also deeply influenced by her extensive travels.

Artist Reveal: Trevor Swanson

Trevor Swanson began his professional career as a painter at the young age of 20, and within a few short years his works were being sought after for renowned art shows, museums and private collections.

Countdown 2019: Best Places to Eat

Over the years, Celebration of Fine Art artists have gotten dining out in Scottsdale down to a science.

Embracing bold, colorful and adventurous jewelry

Diana is a sought after jeweler who embraces bold, graphic designs. Forget the old traditions of jewelry making –– fans describe her earrings, necklaces and bracelets as fun, feminine, colorful and adventurous.

Meet the painter of storytelling historical portraits

Kenneth Ferguson tells stories through historical portraits. He likes to work with material culture, and rather than painting a still life, he puts the material back onto the person and showcases what they would have looked like wearing those items in their time.

Celebrating the natural simplicity and beauty of wood artistry

Joe Deru’s introduction to art started at a young age, thanks to his mother who was an art teacher. After spending more than three decades as an educator himself, Joe parlayed his passion for wood artistry into a spot as the Celebration of Fine Art’s resident woodworker.

Contemporary realism with a wink at surrealism

Today, Thane Gorek is recognized for taking everyday objects and enlarging their scale significantly. The effect is twofold: he draws the viewer’s attention to overlooked subjects and transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Contemporary sterling silver jewelry

Elizabeth Hake is renowned for her contemporary but simple sterling silver jewelry, accented with gold and inspired by found pieces. The jewelry is both architectural and simple, deconstructed so as not to get caught in any certain trend or time period.

Abstract, one-of-a-kind textiles

Mimi is an an award-winning textile artist. Her abstract, one-of-a-kind works of art are created with her own hand-dyed, cotton fabrics plus exotic textiles from all over the globe. She finds inspiration everywhere, from the lines of a crooked telephone pole to the stones on a beach.

Capturing beauty and serenity through sculpture

Tyson is a proficient oil painter and portrait artist, although his primary love is creating sculptures. Across all his mediums, he captures serene moments and strikes a balance between aesthetic and meaningful, and beautiful and uplifting.

Using encaustic to create ethereal landscapes

Gabriela’s career in art began in the fashion industry. She parlayed her creativity into working with glass, before switching to making jewelry. For 15 years, she sculpted wood and stone with her husband. Then she decided it was time to paint.

Portraits that capture heart and personality

Once Judith tapped into her natural talent and passion for art, she simply couldn’t stop. She purposely incorporates a storytelling element in her paintings.

Capturing nature and natural phenomena through a new technique

Visitors of the Celebration of Fine Art are drawn to the light and pigmentation of Hannah’s work. But as awestruck as patrons feel seeing her art, she feels the same way of other artists’ work at the show.

Artist Reveal: Paul Farmer

Paul Farmer designs and creates timeless jewelry, meticulously handcrafted using vibrant colored gemstones set in high karat gold. Here’s what he’s working on lately.

Artist Reveal: Caleb Siegler

In 2017, the Celebration of Fine Art invited contemporary glass artist Caleb Siegler to join the show. Caleb said his process of creating blown glass and fabricated steel artwork has changed drastically in the last year.

Artist Reveal: Jessica Wachter

Oftentimes when people see or feel something that inspires them, they wonder, “How do I put this into words?”. But abstract artist Jessica Wachter wonders, “How do I color this?”

Artist Reveal: Cary Henrie

Cary has a marvelous ability to capture the passage of time, and yet certain elements of his contemporary frescoes remain mysterious.

Artist Reveal: Mimi Damrauer

Mimi Damrauer’s one-of-a-kind works of art, are created with her own hand-dyed cotton fabrics plus exotic textiles from all over the globe.

Artist Reveal: Kathleen Hope

Meet Kathleen Hope. Her primary medium might surprise you. It’s cement – organic, raw and unpredictable (a lot like life).

A look back at the Celebration of Fine Art 2017

The Celebration of Fine Art brings together artists, art collectors and art lovers from all around the world….

The cross section of peace, joy, and education in art

For Sandi Ciaramitaro, being an artist was meant to be. Following the tragic death of a friend, her journey with art began in middle school…

A Textured Path to Landscape Art

That Jennifer Vranes become an artist should come as no surprise. After all, art is in her blood. Coming from a family of artists, Jennifer was exposed to different mediums of art from…

Energy, passion and movement expressed through art

For anyone who knows Michael Jones, it will come as no surprise that even in his childhood years, he was bursting with creativity…

Coloring Outside the Lines

Abstract artist Jessica Wachter was introduced to art in the third grade when her teacher implemented it into the curriculum…

The Art of Adaptation

Cary Henrie didn’t have a television growing up. Instead, his parents encouraged Cary and his siblings to explore their creativity…

The Art of Capturing Energy, Happiness and Spontaneity

Terrell Powell was a precocious child. At three years old he declared himself an artist….

Every Painting is a Puzzle to Solve

Robin Branham never intended to become an artist. While a student at San Diego State University,…

Art as a Medium for Communication

J. Todd Paxton discovered his life’s purpose at a young age. In middle school, he’d spend hours drawing,…

When A Love Of Animals And Art Collide

Timothy Chapman has been an animal lover all his life….

An Outlet for Energy, Color and Joy

Heidi Rosner’s path to becoming a well-known watercolor artist started with a move to Arizona in 1994…

The Layered Path To Mixed Media Art

Are artists born or made? Emily Randolph says she wasn’t born with a brush in her hand…

A Look Back at the Celebration of Fine Art 2016

The final day of the Celebration of Fine Art is always bitter sweet….

Celebrating Art with Artist Santiago Michalek

Santiago Michalek’s love for art can be traced back to his childhood and the drawings of men on horseback his grandfather would give to him…

Celebrating Art with Artist Jason Napier

Jason Napier was introduced to sculpting nearly 25 years ago when he took a job at a bronze-casting foundry…

Celebrating Art with Artist Matthew Sievers

Whether inspired by their surroundings, new experiences or whimsy, artists are constantly evolving (and we get to benefit)….

Celebrating Art with Artist James Randle

Some might wonder if artist James Randle paints old buildings because of nostalgia, but for him it is actually the opposite….

Celebrating Art with Artist Leo Posillico

A life-long love of art and more than 30 years spent creating it has shaped Leo Posillico’s colorful, imaginative artwork…

Celebrating Art with Artist Sue Averell

Sue Averell couldn’t say if she found art or if art found her, but either way we’re glad she found her way…

Celebrating Art with Artist Isabelle Posillico

Isabelle Posillico is a seasoned art professional who found her niche in elegant gem-inspired jewelry…

Celebrating Art with Artist Leslie Duke

Leslie Duke grew up knowing art would play a big role in her life. While she always loved painting, she ultimately decided to pursue a degree in illustration…

Celebrating Art with Artist James Ayers

James Ayers has long been drawn to art. As a child one of his favorite pastimes was sketching or replicating cartoons…

Celebrating Art with Artist Roderick E. Stevens II

Roderick E. Stevens II is a mixed media artist with a larger-than-life, whimsical personality and art to match…

Celebrating Art with Artist Rachelle Meagher

As a little girl, artist Rachelle Meagher used to go fishing with her dad on Lake Superior..

Celebrating Art with Artist Jossy Lownes

Looking to experience a new adventure last year, artist Jossy Lownes planned a summer retreat to Italy…

Celebrating Art with Metal Sculptor Greg Gowen

A familiar face is back at the Celebration of Fine Art this year, and his luminous, energetic work is lighting up the northeast corner of the tent….


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