Jason Napier was introduced to sculpting nearly 25 years ago when he took a job at a bronze-casting foundry. It was there he learned how to weld, cast and apply patinas – and those early days, along with a life-long appreciation for and connection with nature, has largely influenced his body of work.

Jason has become known the world over for his captivating, bronze wildlife sculptures, some of which take more than a year to create, and the way in which he brings them to life.

“Through time, inspiration, and thought, I can give this clay some life and in turn it gives me life,” Jason said.

Part of what brings Jason’s work to life is his passion for the outdoors. He derives inspiration from nature and the animals he observes, and weaves those stories into his sculptures. “I think they all have their own characteristics, their own dispositions,” he said. “I love to imagine these animals in different situations and embellish on that.”

His most recent work was inspired by a trip to Africa. Though he’s long been enamored with African wildlife, he vowed he would never attempt to sculpt a piece without having visited first. He finally got his chance, and it has taken his work on an exciting journey since.

Take a peek at Jason’s creative process here and see what his favorite part about the Celebration of Fine Art is:

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