Santiago Michalek’s love for art can be traced back to his childhood and the drawings of men on horseback his grandfather would give to him. Though looking back he admits they weren’t the best drawings, they undoubtedly shaped his path.

“I learned at a young age that art is whatever you want it to be and you can approach it however you want,” Santiago said.

Though he is most widely known for his paintings of Volkswagen Bugs and Buses, Santiago’s subject matter has shifted over the years. But what has remained is his eye for capturing a scene that stops the viewers in their tracks if even for a moment.

This year it all came full circle when he introduced horses into his work. Not quite like the drawings his grandfather used to give him, these horses seem to come to life – exuding a powerful, but gentle strength.

“What I look for in my work is balance. In mood, in color and in brushwork, I am always looking for balance,” said Santiago.

See Santiago’s story here:

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