2023 Art Discovery Series

2022 Art Discovery Series

Each Friday from 4 to 5 pm, discover the inspiration, techniques and stories behind the creation of art. Enjoy wine, cheese and artistic dialogue at informative panel discussions and demonstrations.

For more information, call 480-443-7695 or email info@celebrateart.com

1/20: Timeless Traditions

Some art forms rely on artisans carrying on classic traditions passed down through centuries. Hear from some of our artists who keep these traditions alive through their dedication to timeless art forms, sometimes with a modern twist.

1/27: Portrait Perfect

A portrait is one of the most intimate ways of portraying a human being. Whether representational or abstractive, a portrait shows the essence of the human spirit captured in a moment in time and is often passed from generation to generation.

2/3: Folk Art Fascination

Folk Art has been telling the story of local and regional communities and indigenous people for decades. Whimsical and kitschy, often using upcycled or repurposed items, these works are highly collectible and bring much joy to those who collect.

2/10: Metal as Media

Metal is the muse of many artists. Discover how they apply their artistic vision, strength and heat to create compelling works of art. From hand forged silver to massive steel sculptures, discover the tools and techniques needed to bring the vision of the artist to reality.

2/17 Creativity Multiplied

There is a certain magic that comes from two or more creatives collaborating to create their shared vision for a work of art.  The creative forces can complement or contrast to take the individual work to a whole new level.  Discover the inspiration and the process from some of our most gifted collaborators.

2/24: Contemporary Native Inspiration

The richness of the Native American culture is portrayed through many art forms and styles – each telling a story, transmitting knowledge and honoring heritage. Discover what compels our artists to carry on the traditions and stories.        

3/3: Influence of Color

Our vibrant world is filled with color. It influences and impacts almost every aspect of our life from design to mood. Discover how color trends impact the world around us and hear from our panel what influences them and how they create palettes sure to please.

3/10: Symbolism & Storytelling

All art tells a story, but some works have specific symbolism or messaging woven through the art. It could be an object that shows up in each painting or something in the background that delivers a message. Discover the hidden meanings from some of our best artists.

3/17: Abstract Stories

Non-representational artists use shape, color, line and form to create composition independent from visual references. From minimal to complex there is a skill level that balances the composition.  Discover who has influenced and what inspires the artists of this genre.

3/24: All in the Family

It seems artistic talent is both genetic and magnetic! Hear from multi-generational artists & husband and wife teams about how the talent is connected and how they work together to leave a lasting legacy in the art world.

2023 Show Details

January 14–March 26, 2023  |  Open Daily 10am–6pm

The Celebration of Fine Art is located in the “big white tents” in the heart of beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona on the southwest corner of Hayden Road and the Loop 101 at 18400 N Hayden Road.

  • There is a Café, restrooms and plenty of free parking on site.
  • Tickets: $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and military. Children under 12 are admitted at no charge.
  • Your Celebration of Fine Art ticket is a season pass, good for the duration of the 10-week show and sale.


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