Creating an Inspired Workspace with the Right Art

Art has the power to spark passion, deep elation, sensations of love, bliss, and even imagination. And today, there’s a growing mass of research and scientific evidence depicting just how art impacts mental wellbeing, health, brain function, and feelings of love. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that art is often incorporated into the […]

Art Discovery: All About Glass

Glass artists are truly shapeshifters as they take raw glass tubes or shards then heat and manipulate them through various techniques including glass blowing, flamework, fusing, casting and stained glass. The end result can range from small to very large installations that captivate the viewer. In our latest episode of Art Discovery, artists Caleb Siegler, […]

Art Discovery: Wonders of Wildlife

Wildlife and nature have long captivated our imagination. For many, being out in nature and experiencing the wild feeds the soul and renews the spirit. Wildlife artists capture the sensation of being close to nature and allow us to bring it home.  In our first fully virtual Art Discovery, artists Paul Rhymer, Cathy Sheeter, and […]

At Home with the Artists: Kim Ballard

In this edition of “At Home with the Artists”, we venture inside the home and working art studio of figurative artist Kim Ballard. She takes us on a full tour of her Minneapolis loft that previously served as a fire station, and even shows us where she stretches her own canvas.

Art Discovery: Facts & Facets of Jewelry Making

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” – Elizabeth Taylor. In this Art Discovery virtual series, artists Shelli Kahl, Diana Ferguson, and Paul Farmer share their inspiration and visions of how to make a stunning statement with jewelry.  With a keen eye, these jewelry makers have perfected […]

Art Discovery: Figuratively Speaking

“And painted portraits have a life of their own that comes from deep in the soul of the painter and where the machine can’t go.” – Vincent Van Gogh The human form is the conduit through which we experience life and the instrument through which we express our emotions. In a general sense, art captures […]

Perfecting The Art Of The Salon-Style Gallery Hang

The “Salon Style Hang” can be traced back to 1667 and the beginning of the French Royal Academy salon in Paris. Showcasing work from the academy’s students and masters, the floor-to-ceiling layout highlighted art across an array of genres, styles and mediums, and crowded together selections that both complemented and contrasted one another. Naturally, this […]

All You Need Is…Art?

The Beatles said, “Love is all you need.” But maybe there is something else. Maybe there’s a precursor to this sentiment. And maybe that thing is art.  Not to discredit the Beatles. We certainly need love. But art can spark passion, evoke deep elation, conjure up sensations of love and pure bliss, and even unlock […]

Art Discovery Live: Turn Up the Heat

“Heat, like gravity, penetrates every substance of the universe, its rays occupy all parts of space.” ~ Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier Heat, when applied to certain raw materials, has the ability to completely transform the chemical structure of that material. And some artists have tapped into this fascinating process to transform raw materials –– metals, […]

EPISODE 17: Shelli Kahl

From clarinetist to serial entrepreneur to jewelry artist, Shelli Kahl’s life path has been untamable, free spirited and uninhibited. And today, that is very much represented in her jewelry.  Shelli, a California-based artist, began making her jewelry more than 17 years ago, initially because she wanted to make herself rings. But what may have started […]