Episode 9: Graydon Foulger, Kirk Randle & Marty Le Messurier

Thirty years ago, as Tom and Ann Morrow prepared for the inaugural Celebration of Fine Art, over one hundred artists submitted samples of their work to be considered for the show. Among those selected to participate were painters Graydon Foulger, Marty Le Messurier and Kirk Randle. Incredibly, these three haven’t missed a year ever since.  […]

Three Decades of Connecting Artists and Art Lovers

In 1989, Tom and Ann Morrow were vacationing in Southern California when they came upon a trio of art festivals: the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, the Laguna Art-A-Fair and the Sawdust Art Festival. Known as one of the West’s top art destinations, it was only natural Laguna Beach would appeal to Tom and Ann’s […]

Artist Reveal: Todd Paxton

 Todd Paxton is a renowned bronze sculptor celebrated for capturing the humanity and history of the subjects he creates. He is drawn to themes ranging from parenthood and honor to love and longing, and works with precision to depict stories through the subtlest of details. Whether it’s the defiant tilt of a chin, the tension […]

Artist Reveal: James Ayers

 James Ayers is a painter of historic Native American cultures. Dedicated to honoring the customs and beauty of these traditional cultures, James has gained a reputation for his historical accuracy, which can be seen reflected in the hair, clothing and weapons of his subjects.  “I study historic artifacts, research customs and rituals, and marry these […]

Countdown: Arts & Culture

The opportunity for artistic discovery is not limited to paintings on canvas. Arizona’s arts and culture scene is rich with a wide range of offerings. Wherever your interests may lie, there are concerts and productions that will inspire you. When you’re in town visiting the Celebration of Fine Art, we recommend you also make time […]

Episode 8: Tricia Loscher

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West (SMoW) is celebrated for honoring the people, places and events of the American West, spanning 19 states, including those bordering Mexico and Canada. With such a rich history and culture to explore, the museum hosts an ever-evolving rotation of exhibits for visitors to choose from. Tricia Loscher, Ph.D., […]

Episode 7: Curt Mattson

Curt Mattson was raised in the horse business, which explains his fascination with the buckaroo lifestyle of contemporary and historic horsemen and horsewomen. This lifelong passion drives his work as an artist, as he brings cowboy art to life through sculpture, watercolor, pencil and oil painting. Today, his award-winning works can be found in private […]

Artist Reveal: Robin Damore

The thing about creativity is that you can’t ignore it. Creativity will nag at you until you finally let it work its magic. This was certainly the case for Robin Damore, who for nearly 20 years was dedicated to growing an advertising agency she co-founded. While there are many aspects of advertising that call on […]

Episode 6: Trevor Swanson

Trevor Swanson is a renowned wildlife artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal. He was born into a family of painters and first picked up a paintbrush as a child. In college, he pursued art classes but never scored above average. Undeterred, Trevor began taking lessons from his father and uncle and […]