Artist Reveal: Using Nature to Guide Her Work 

Whether it was watching Bob Ross on channel 8 or the hours spent with her twin sister (Suzy Almblade) creating art, Roxanne Almblade found her calling early in life.  Initially, she started as an illustration artist, but would frequently revisit painting. It was only a matter of time before the urge to paint full time […]

Artist Reveal: Bringing the Unimaginable to Life

Dinosaurs in fancy tutus and top hats. An octopus walking dogs. The sheer thought of these is enough to bring a smile to your face or at least make you ponder. These are just some of the whimsical, fun subjects of artist Leah Kiser’s oil paintings. She’s come to be known for her extraneous and […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Piecing Together Uncontrolled Stories

Aileen Frick began her professional career as an engineer, but on a search for a creative outlet, she enrolled in an art class. Initially, that class was just about learning the art of oil painting, but one day her teacher threw a curveball at the class––they were going to try their hands at collage art. […]

Artist Reveal: Capturing the Joie de Vivre in Sculpture

Jim Budish aims to capture and reflect back out the ‘Joie de Vivre, or enjoyment of life, he believes lives within all of us. He does this through his whimsical bronze sculptures of special creatures and the human form. But his early career was much different. Before tapping into what he believes is his true […]

Art With a Message: Healing Through Words

A woman of many talents, Erin Matlock is an artist, author, public speaker and mental health advocate. Her interests may seem divergent at first glance, but there is a golden thread that powerfully stitches together each in a very meaningful way: her commitment to building compassionate connection and spreading love. Much of Erin’s work revolves […]