Art Discovery: The Long Run

The artistic journey is as diverse and there is more to the life of the artist than what we see. Long-time artists David Jackson, Graydon Foulger, Robin Branham and Kirk Randle share what it takes to make it and sustain the life of an artist, and how the Celebration of Fine Art has impacted them.

Art Discovery: Life Through the Lens

In the hands of a fine art photographer, the camera is just one of the tools that leads to exquisite works of art. Discover what inspires artists Bill Pack, Light Hunter, Jon Linton and Carolyn Thome to capture their chosen subject matter. Learn how they then interpret and process the images to capture emotion…

Art Discovery: Lure of the Landscape

Paul Cezanne once said, “To paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.” The infinite colors, textures, layers and light create the atmosphere that artists strive to capture. Discover how artists Becky Pashia, Suzy Almblade and Martin Blundell capture and share these sensations on canvas.

Art Discovery: Unexpected Mediums

In the hands of an artist, almost any material can be turned into a work of art. Discover the creative vision that inspires artists Sundie Ruppert, Brit Hansen and Doug Fountain to use unexpected media to incorporate and convey their message through their works of art.

Art Discovery: Realism Revealed

Some works of art invite a second look to determine if it’s a painting or if it’s real. The trompe l’oeil style of painting creates an optical illusion of three-dimensional space and objects on a two-dimensional surface. Discover the inspiration and techniques artists Jenny Stewart, Barbara Rudolph and Robin Damore implore to imbue these works with life.

Art Discovery: Nature Calls

Wildlife and nature have been the muse of artists for centuries. Wildlife artists capture the sensation of being close to nature and allow us to bring it home. Discover some of the wild stories behind these works of art and how artists Cathy Sheeter and Trevor Swanson bring them to life.

Art Discovery: Multi-Dimensional Jewelry

Jewelry is art in the wearable form. These miniature sculptures are constructed from a variety of materials often combining carving, weaving, metalsmithing, and stone placement. Hear from our multi-talented jewelers Diana Ferguson, Chad Lieske and Cynthia Downs about their processes and tools of the trade.

Art Discovery: Mixing of Media

There is an art to mixing various media to create complete and comprehensive works of art. Learn how artists Mari Giddings-Axton, Myron Whitaker and Timothy Weldon decide which elements to combine as they build their inspirational works of art.

Art Discovery: Way of the West

The history of the Western Cowboys, Buckaroos and Native Americans has an intrigue that has captured the hearts of many artists and collectors. This Friday, artists Curt Mattson, Randy Galloway and Joe Wayne will share how they are preserving the history of the West through art.