Art Discovery: All in the Family

It seems artistic talent is both genetic and magnetic! In this Art Discovery, hear from multi-generational artists Greg and Matt Sievers, and husband-and-wife team Sundie and Brad Ruppert about how the talent is connected and how they work together to leave a lasting legacy…

Art Discovery: Abstract Stories

Non-representational artists use shape, color, line and form to create compositions independent from visual references. From minimal to complex, there is a skill level that balances the composition. In this Art Discovery, artists Kathleen Hope, Stuart Yankell and Adolfo Girala share…

Art Discovery: Influence of Color

Our vibrant world is filled with color. It influences and impacts nearly every aspect of life from design to mood to emotion. Discover how color trends impact the world around us and hear from artists Heidi Rosner, Beth Zink and Ray Tigerman about what influences their …

Art Discovery Recap: Metal as Media

Metal is the muse of many artists. How they apply their artistic vision, strength and a whole lot of heat to create compelling works of art is a feat in and of itself. In this week’s Art Discovery, metal artists Ryan Schmidt, Carlos Page and Parker McDonald share the tools and techniques they use to bring their visions into reality.

Art Discovery Recap: Folk Art Fascination

Folk art has been telling the story of local and regional communities and indigenous people for decades. Whether captured through the whimsical depiction of animals painted on a canvas or the use of repurposed collectible items in a sculpture, these works are highly collectible and bring much joy to those who collect.

Art Discovery Recap: Portrait Perfect

Capturing the likeness and essence of another living being is no easy feat, but for artists Judith Dickinson, Ted Nuttall and Robin Damore, it’s a passion. In this week’s Art Discovery, these talented portrait artists share how they each approach portraiture, how they capture the essence of their subjects, what draws them to portraiture, and […]

Art Discovery Recap: Timeless Traditions

Meet the artists who’ve dedicated years of their lives to studying some of the timeless traditions of art and craftsmanship. From the ancient art of Japanese kimono making to hand stone carving to saddle making, these artists found their passion in traditions that have been passed down through generations.