Creating Joyful Landscapes Through Color and Movement

Michael McKee is a pastel artist from Cleveland who now calls Arizona home. And while today he’s known for jaw-dropping abstract and landscape pastels that are bursting with bright colors, it wasn’t always his medium. Michael’s introduction to art was at six years old –– an interest that was fostered by musically inclined parents who […]

Uncovering What Inspires This Third Generation Artist

Colin Branham is an acrylic artist based in Malibu, California. As a third generation artist, creativity is something he grew up around. By middle school, his immense talent was already beginning to emerge and take shape. In fact, the first piece of art Colin ever sold was in middle school. One of his pieces was […]

Engineering a One-of-a-Kind Technique for Weaving Glass

Mark Lewanski was a kindergartener when his passion for art was first ignited. Before his teacher had the chance to introduce students to shapes, Mark had mastered spheres, cubes and pyramids. He became fascinated with these three dimensional shapes, and spent hours drawing and shading them in.  As Mark got older, his interest in the […]

Exploring Creativity With Soulful Works of Art

Adolfo Girala grew up in Cuba in the 1970s and spent much of his youth playing on the beach. At the time, art was the furthest thing on his mind. It wasn’t until later in life that he had the desire to explore his creativity.  While working as a computer repairman, Adolfo started painting little […]

Evoking Peace and Calm Through the Beauty of Still Lifes

An appreciation for art was instilled in Leslie Duke at a very young age. Some of her earliest memories involve studying beautiful artwork in children’s books with her mother and poring over fine art prints her father had collected from some of his favorite artists.  Over the years, Leslie’s creative interest continued to grow, and […]

Episode 15: James Ayers

James Ayers is a celebrated oil painter based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His works center on historic Native American cultures, pulling from the expertise he’s gained from decades of exploration and research. He honors his subjects by studying their rituals, customs and artifacts, and is dedicated to making sure every last detail is historically accurate. His […]

Episode 14: Leslie Duke

Leslie Duke is an oil painter based in Springville, Utah. Her enthusiasm for the arts was apparent from a young age, and her parents fostered her interest by signing her up for classes by local artists. Leslie went on to study illustration and graphic design at Brigham Young University, but after a few years of […]

Episode 13: Rebecca Pashia

Rebecca Pashia never intended to be an artist. In fact, she never went to art school. But from a young age, she was drawn to the arts, including singing and dancing. In college, she focused on interior design and teaching, but the urge to create never left. Rebecca eventually founded several businesses that engaged art […]

In The News: Scottsdale Independent

The business side of art is one we rarely get to talk about –– so we were delighted to chat with Scottsdale Independent on what it’s been like to grow and sustain a 30-year-old art business! The article covers how the show has successfully grown and flourished from its humble beginnings in 1989, the challenges […]