Art With a Message: Healing Through Words

A woman of many talents, Erin Matlock is an artist, author, public speaker and mental health advocate. Her interests may seem divergent at first glance, but there is a golden thread that powerfully stitches together each in a very meaningful way: her commitment to building compassionate connection and spreading love. Much of Erin’s work revolves […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Discovering Meaning in Serendipitous Exploration

Mixed media artist Timothy Weldon creates his singular pieces by incorporating found objects with a vintage flair. From classic board games to well-worn wooden household items, Timothy searches high and low for the elements to compose his works. No source is off-limits –– he’s scoured everywhere from estate sales to found objects on the roadside. […]

Art With a Message: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Art is a powerful communication channel. Whether the intention of the artist or not, art communicates messages that transcend time and place, and resonate for every viewer in very different ways. While every viewer has their own unique experience with a given piece of art, it still somehow manages to connect people no matter their […]

Unthinkable Mediums: Finding Malleability in Concrete

Kathleen Hope began her art career working in oil and acrylic, but in a quest for achieving a very specific texture she had in mind, she began exploring other mediums. The oil and acrylic weren’t quite cutting it. One client’s relocation to warmer climes, and an ensuing request for Kathleen to create outdoor art, inspired […]

Caring for Outdoor Art

You are likely already acquainted with the joys of displaying art inside your home. But what about your outdoor spaces? The realities of last year inspired many of us to make the most of the living space beyond our four walls and in our lawns, gardens, and backyards. Art has the power to bring energy, […]

Art To Adorn Your Outdoor Space

2020 inspired many of us to maximize our outdoor areas and create bonus living space beyond the four walls of our homes. For many, that meant upgrading patio furniture, investing in outdoor kitchens, finally planting that vegetable garden, building gazebos, or perhaps even creating a serenity garden. These were some really excellent home improvements to […]

Meet the Artist: Marie McCallum Captures Unique Stories of Signs

Like many fine artists, oil painter Marie McCallum always loved art, but practicality led her to pursue a related career with greater earning potential. After almost 20 years as a sign artist and gilder, Marie finally made the leap to oil painting in the early 1990s. Her interest in graphic design and background in mural […]

Meet the Artist: Aileen Frick Pieces Together a New Career Path

Mixed media collage artist Aileen Frick took an interest in art at a young age, but the rigors of high school academics pulled her away from creative endeavors and led her to a career in engineering. It wasn’t until a friend asked her to take a painting class after work that Aileen rediscovered her talent […]

Summer Inspirations: 7 Artists to Collect

Summer often symbolizes freedom and growth. From school vacation and summer sleepaway camp in our youths to cross-country road trips or European adventures in adulthood, summer is the perfect time to escape the mundane and embrace fun and adventure. Summer, and especially the solstice, is also a time for reflection, celebrating light and connection to […]