Art Discovery: Landscapes and Light

Paul Cezanne once said, “To paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.” Ask any landscape painter today and they would agree. Capturing the light and atmosphere is key to revealing the “sensations” of the landscape. In this Art Discovery session, artists Martin Blundell, Kirk Randle, Becky Pashia and Matt […]

Painting Western Landscapes from the Intersection of Memory and Reality

Martin Blundell’s decades-long journey as an artist started on an ordinary day. In grade school, he had a teacher who would separate his class into groups for art projects. One day, Martin used watercolors to paint a scene of yellow aspen trees. His teacher was genuinely impressed, and soon enough his parents also took notice […]

Using Oil, Acrylic and Sculpture to Celebrate Joyful Moments in Life

Stuart Yankell’s foray into art was heavily inspired by two individuals: his father, who was both a research biochemist and accomplished artist, and his father’s best friend, Leon Bibel, an artist who worked under Diego Rivera in the 1930s. Growing up around these two taught Stuart to look at the world in new ways that […]

Uncovering the Dynamic Power and Beauty of Florals

Elizabeth Butler was raised in a big family that loved art. Creativity was encouraged and nurtured, which led her to explore a number of mediums from a young age. She always knew art would be a part of her life, but she didn’t know it could be her career. While in college, Elizabeth pursued a […]

Celebrating the Familiar with a Contemporary Flair for Nostalgia

Erin Berrett is an oil painter known for still lifes depicting beloved objects, such as newspapers, candies and household items. Her style is a mix of contemporary realism and nostalgia, and her works celebrate the familiar with a modern flair all her own. Erin has created art her whole life, progressing from drawing and doodling […]

Breaking the Mold with Stainless Steel Sculptures

 Ryan Schmidt’s fine art stainless steel sculptures are instantly recognizable, sweeping upwards and out into sleek curves, arcs and lines, and capturing the reflections of the surrounding landscapes.. The sculptures are polished with a mirror-finish, catching the sun, clouds and movement around them, and inspiring the viewer with new discoveries every day. Ryan is such […]

Capturing a Sense of Mystery Through Fine Art Photography

Jon Linton has always had a deep appreciation for the arts –– he just didn’t realize what a significant impact it would have on his life. After living in New York City and working in the fashion industry, Jon moved to Arizona to start a magazine dedicated to art. Years later, when his friend and […]

Paying Homage to Indigenous Cultures With Historical Accuracy

When he was in third grade, James Ayers received an assignment that would foreshadow his future career as an artist. At the time, the holidays were just around the corner so his teacher tasked his class to draw Santa Claus. What James soon realized was that his Santa came out markedly better than everyone else’s––including […]

Showcasing the Beauty of Nature With an Unexpected Medium

 Everyone’s journey in life takes a few twists and turns, especially those who choose to pursue art. Take Cathy Sheeter, who grew up in a family that encouraged her creativity from a very young age. In fact, one of her earliest memories consists of her holding crayons. Cathy’s mom even made a point to draw […]

I am grateful that art opens new worlds.

In our Gratitude Series, we explore the relationship between art and gratitude, and the impact both have on our world.  Martin Blundell, an oil painter based in Bountiful, Utah, believes art has the power to create new realities and understanding for people. Leading with this philosophy, Martin approaches his artwork with a dedication to inspire […]