2020 Artist Reveal: Hannah Friel

 Hannah Friel is a resin and mixed media artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona known for creating ethereal works of art that resemble nature. Her first foray into the world of art began as a child watching her grandmother paint with watercolors. Almost immediately, she was drawn to the mess of an artist’s studio and the […]

Countdown: Where to Eat

 When it comes to places to vacation and unwind in the winter, Arizona is hard to beat. Scottsdale in particular is celebrated for crisp weather, exciting sporting events and its unique landscape. But Scottsdale also has a thriving food scene that’s not to be missed. If you’re visiting the Celebration of Fine Art, you’ll meet […]

I Am Grateful For The Joy Art Creates

They say gratitude is good for the heart –– and it isn’t any wonder why. Living a life of gratitude shifts the focus away from what’s lacking to the abundance around us. It’s about seeing the world through a series of miracles, both tiny and tremendous. In that regard, art runs many parallels. In this […]

2020 Artist Reveal: Whitney Hall

 Oil painter Whitney Hall was born and raised in San Diego, where she studied under contemporary impressionists, expressionists and colorists. About a decade ago she relocated to Montana and began to shift her subject matter from humans to animals.  Today, Whitney’s colorful compositions are rooted in the figurative approach she honed in Southern California, and […]

2020 Artist Reveal: Diana Ferguson

Diana Ferguson is a jeweler known for embracing bold, graphic designs to create whimsical, lightweight earrings, bracelets and more out of metal, paper, resin, glass and beads. Her work, which strikes a balance between feminine and fun, is often described as colorful conversation starters.  For years, much of Diana’s inspiration for jewelry stemmed from her […]