Meet the Artist: Michael Jones Finds Strength in Simplicity…and Steel

Michael Jones is a steel sculptor from Bigfork Montana, who has been participating in the Celebration of Fine Art for the past 23 years. Although his work is diverse, spanning contemporary twisted reed sculptures and towering totems to custom gates and fire screens, each piece exudes strength and simplicity. A craftsman through and through, it’s […]

Meet the Artist: Troy Moody Finds Peace in Glass Work

Troy Moody first discovered fine art glass in his late teens. Over the years his glass techniques have evolved and grown to include a repertoire of stained glass, kiln-formed glass, and mixed media collage. He recently began collaborating with his mother, Maxine, a longtime watercolor artist. Maxine paints works on her art board and Troy […]

Meet the Artist: Carolyn Thome Zooms in on Life’s Everyday Objects

Carolyn Thome has been interested in photography since high school, but it was a 50th birthday present from her husband –– a personal studio for her to use on whatever she desired ––  that set her down the path of pursuing fine art photography in adulthood. Carloyn’s love of mushrooms and the natural world at large […]

Meet the Artist: Sundie Ruppert Finds Purpose for Felted Fur

Meet Sundie Ruppert, a sculpture felt artist who has found a unique use for remnant felt from hat brims. She works alongside her husband Brad Ruppert, using rescued pieces of felt, to create detailed, dimensional works of art that toe the line between wall art and sculpture.  The duo brought innovation to one of the […]

Meet the Artist: Terrell Powell Finds Whimsy in the Mundane

You know a Terrell Powell work of art when you see one. His mixed media and sculpture pieces are distinctively energetic, colorful, whimsical and spontaneous. And his love and passion for what he does shine through in everything he creates. According to Terrell, he’s been making art all his life, earning a BFA from the […]