Meet the Artist: How a Love for Jewelry Turned Into a Profession

It started out simple enough…an admiration for rings compelled Shelli Kahl to take a soldering class so she could learn how to make her own. Several courses later, she found herself producing enough work to start showing at art shows. But it wasn’t until she sought the mentorship of a well-known metalsmith master that her career took off.

Meet the Artist: Using Texture to Create a Sensory Experience

When mixed media artist Tim Weldon began creating art, he started to see the world through heightened senses. Suddenly, everything around him––flowers, stones, colors, people––was rich with story, texture and character. And he saw himself as a conduit for sharing these stories through his art.

Meet the Artist: Seeking a World of Bold Color

Artist Beth Zink has become well known for her vibrant paintings of desert sunsets, and flora and fauna, but happening upon the bold color palette that has become synonymous with her name was a bit of a fluke. See how she developed this iconic style and what she loves most about art.

Meet the Artist: Mastering ancient Italian techniques of jewelry making

In a time when true craftsmanship seems to be slipping away, there are still artisans out there striving to preserve centuries-old practices not only through the work they put out into the world, but also by passing down these techniques and philosophies to those coming up in the industry. One such artist is goldsmith and jewelry maker Paul Farmer.

Meet the Artist: How Birds Became Part of This Artist’s Signature Style

Joy, whimsy and a hint of humor emanate from artist Barbara Rudolph’s oil paintings––a style she’s honed over the years through a mix of attention to the composition, storytelling, and delightful “Easter eggs” cleverly placed throughout each piece. See how her work comes together and what inspires her to create brief escapes for the viewer.

Meet the Artist: For the Love of Wood

Sculpture artist Brian Sykes fell in love with woodworking at a young age. He began his career in furniture design, but soon found he craved something that would allow him a wider range of creativity. Brian found his way to a woodturning lathe and he knew instantly, that’s where he belonged. See how Brian’s journey progressed…

Meet the Artist: The Need to Heal Brought Light Hunter to Photography

For photography artist Light Hunter, nature called to him at a young age. It became his refuge and place that deeply nourished his soul. He soon found himself photographing these natural wonders as a way to bring their meditative qualities to others. Learn more about his journey and how he was the first to photograph some of the most iconic canyons.