Whether inspired by their surroundings, new experiences or whimsy, artists are constantly evolving (and we get to benefit). Long-time Celebration of Fine Art artist Matthew Sievers made a marked transformation with his work over the past 12 months – blending his past with his present.

Today, Matthew’s work, which on display in his studio this year, reflects more modern, soft lines and layered paint. But his previous style, which portrayed the lines evident in stained glass windows and the strokes of Russian impressionists, still come into play.

“The reason I do art is because I love drawing so much,” Matthew said. “I am passionate about the under painting and the drawing of my art.” He said this is where the piece comes to life for him – it’s the detail that can bring a flat subject matter to living and breathing.

His passion for art is tangible as you can see at the art show. “One reason I am so drawn to art is because the way I paint,” he said. “It is layer upon layer of drawing and color. I get to tell a different story with each layer of paint.”

What does Matthew love most about the Celebration of Fine Art? The feedback he gets from the guests that come through the tent and the artists who are stationed there throughout the 10 weeks.

“I enjoy seeking out the opinions of the public and other artists because I grow so much faster by listening and taking in peoples’ critiques,” he said.

Watch more about Matthew and his painting style transformation here: