Mimi DamrauerMimi Damrauer is an award-winning, Scottsdale-based textile artist. Her abstract, one-of-a-kind works of art are created with her own hand-dyed cotton fabrics plus exotic textiles from all over the globe and are inspired by the world around us. 

“I love seeing what’s in my head come to life,” Mimi said. “I’m pretty good at envisioning a piece and then having it turn out like I had visualized. Though, I will say that my ‘mistakes’ always end up being everyone’s favorite parts of my art.”

She cites the simple things among her top inspirations, including sidewalk cracks, the way old bricks lay out, the crooked lines of a telephone pole in rural India, the color of the ocean in Costa Rica, and the lines on stones on a beach in Italy. Sure, they may be in exotic places most of us may never get to experience, but they’re also the simple things many of us may overlook.

From the outside, a 10-week show might sound overwhelming. But for Mimi, the Celebration of Fine Art gives her the time and structure to put into motion ideas she’s been percolating for a while.

Last year, I was able to create an upscale pillow line called ‘Fluff’ and new work that I had been sketching for a while, but hadn’t gotten to,” Mimi said. “It just gives me the opportunity to think and create in a fun environment. So many artists couldn’t believe how much work I actually got done!”

Mimi calls the Celebration of Fine Art a magical show, enabling her to meet new friends who share her passion to create. With this dedicated time to create, who knows what she’ll be inspired by next.

Get to Know Mimi Damrauer:

Favorite artist? Paul Klee

Music/Musician that inspires you? Amos Lee or any Indie singer/songwriter.

Favorite place to travel? Paris

Favorite Quote/Mantra? A smile is universal.

If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you’d be doing? My favorite things are art, food, travel and meeting people. I would combine them to be the host of a TV food show where I travel the globe to have a fabulous meal with a group of women and discuss how they became friends, their personal art collections and favorite art experiences.