Looking to experience a new adventure last year, artist Jossy Lownes planned a summer retreat to Italy. When plans fell through, she began searching for a different way to introduce something new into her life. She picked up the brush, and that’s when it happened.

“All of the sudden I started painting pretty abstractly, but soon here came some gestures that looked like flowers,” Jossy said.

She enjoyed the process so much, she decided to keep it going.

“It shows the color, and the energy, and the gesture,” Jossy said. “And this is really, really fun for me. I think it’s important to go with your intuition. I love color, so that is my main focus.”

Jossy’s process begins with a color and a theme, but not a specific plan. The colors and her intuition then shape the juxtaposition of shapes on the canvas.

“I want my paintings to bring a smile to a person,” she said. “I want it to make them feel really good. I think that’s why I use so much color and animation. I want to it to be up and positive.”

See why Jossy loves returning to the Celebration of Fine Art year after year:

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