As a little girl, artist Rachelle Meagher used to go fishing with her dad on Lake Superior. She wasn’t much into fishing, but she loved these expeditions nonetheless, because she found herself drawn to nature. Little did Rachelle know, these fishing trips were also cultivating an appreciation for the beauty of nature that would eventually be expressed through art, which she began doing professionally in her 20’s.

“I am inspired by the textures of nature, like the bark of a tree trunk or the spine on the back of a leaf. I am most inspired by everyday nature” she said.

Not only did nature inspire her, but painting is also in her blood. Rachelle shares her passion with the two generations before her. “I am a third-generation painter,” she said. “I’ve been surrounded by art and painting since I was a little kid.”

She enjoys creating textures that emulate the rocky shores of lakes or the gritty desert floor. “A recurring theme in my work is water and abstract landscape,”she said

Rachelle’s main goal in her painting is to bring about a sense of brightness and joy. “I am told my art has a calming, soothing effect and that is something I intend when I paint. I want it to have a meditative quality,” she said.

See what Rachelle is most excited about this year at the Celebration of Fine Art:

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