Isabelle Posillico is a seasoned art professional who found her niche in elegant gem-inspired jewelry – and she has been living and breathing the artistry of jewelry making for 24 years.

Formally trained in architectural interior design, Isabelle worked in the industry for several years in the early 1990’s in Los Angeles. But a slowing economy and declining industry, at the time, nudged her to explore other opportunities and areas of interest. Isabelle soon found herself in a jewelry-making class at Long Beach Community College. It was kismet. Her burgeoning love for creating jewelry blossomed.

“I fell in love with working with my hands,” Isabelle said. “I could design and create something and hold it in my hands within two days, versus two years on a project.”

She was drawn to working with precious metals and gemstones, and loves every part of the process from selecting just the right stone to composing the piece to seeing its new owner light up when they put it on.

“I love when people pick a piece, smile and put it on,” Isabelle said. “Most pieces people can wear everyday and make them feel confident.”

It’s being able to interact with people that Isabelle loves most about the Celebration of Fine Art.

See Isabelle’s story and how her pieces come together: