Sue Averell couldn’t say if she found art or if art found her, but either way we’re glad she found her way to the Celebration of Fine Art 13 years ago.

Sue has come to be known for her large-scale cityscapes, but has recently been experimenting with a new direction. “I have been trying to introduce something new into my repertoire and this past year I had the courage to paint the human figure in my own style,” she said.

Whether cityscapes or the human figure, Sue focuses on putting action in her paintings. “No matter what I’m painting, I try to paint motion and movement into the pieces,” Sue said. This presents a challenge with static objects, but she is always up for the task, and executes it masterfully.

“I enjoy playing with the 2-dimensional space and making it feel 3-dimensional,” Sue said.

Celebration of Fine Art is like a home away from home for Sue. “The camaraderie and community that Celebration of Fine Art offers, between the artists and the public is wonderful,” she said.

See what Sue loves most about the creative process:

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