A life-long love of art and more than 30 years spent creating it has shaped Leo Posillico’s colorful, imaginative artwork. Indeed, being raised in New York, his background as a photographer, art director, illustrator, board game designer, and time at HBO, have all blended and are portrayed in the signature brush stroke characters that earmark his work.

The award-winning artist found joy in art and thoroughly embraced being formally trained in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. “I learned things in school that I still carry into my artwork today,” Leo said.

One of the most amazing things about art is it is largely shaped by the artist’s experiences – and that is true for Leo. Formal training in addition to his time at HBO and work in illustration has manifested in the art he creates today.

“Because I worked in a whimsical sense as an illustrator and cartoonist originally, I had the advantage of utilizing my work experience and giving my art a fun twist,” Leo said. “It is all about the negative and positive space and how your eye goes in-between the spaces.”

The colors really shape the story of each piece and by taking out specific details, that story is left up to the interpretation of the viewer.

“When painting figures and people, I am most inspired by not having to show the details of what or who we are as a race or features: fat, small, skinny, tall,” Leo said. “Eliminating that gave me the freedom to be more fluid and communicative in just color and design.”

For Leo, the Celebration of Fine Art has become a place to bond with other artists and art lovers…and build an extended family of sorts.

Learn more about Leo and see what he is currently painting at the Celebration of Fine Art:

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