Humans have long connected with art in a very powerful way. Whether a painting, sculpture, drawing, piece of literature or a performance, art has the power to evoke memories, transport us to another time or place, inspire us, or spark an emotion. This issue of Art Connection explores that unique connection, first through brush strokes and then in our feature article on three-dimensional art. Finally, read about how the Celebration of Fine Art grew from dream to reality, and how it has created a passionate community of art lovers over its 34-year history.

In this summer issue, you’ll find:

  • A spotlight on artist Matthew Sievers and how he utilizes brush strokes to convey emotions
  • Creating Connection Through Sculpture
  • From the Artist Studio: A Conversation with Carlos Page (Be sure to click the video link at the end of the article!)
  • Creating a Community and Sense of Place: How the Celebration of Fine Art has cultivated an ever-growing community of art lovers and friends
**Look for the camera šŸŽ„ icon to view full video interviews and links to additional content. We hope you enjoy this edition!

Art Connection – Fall 2023- DIGITAL