The Fall Issue of Art Connection Has Arrived!

Humans have long connected with art in a very powerful way. Whether a painting, sculpture, drawing, piece of literature or a performance, art has the power to evoke memories, transport us to another time or place, inspire us, or spark an emotion. This issue of Art Connection explores that unique connection, first through brush strokes […]

Art Discovery Recap: Metal as Media

Metal is the muse of many artists. How they apply their artistic vision, strength and a whole lot of heat to create compelling works of art is a feat in and of itself. In this week’s Art Discovery, metal artists Ryan Schmidt, Carlos Page and Parker McDonald share the tools and techniques they use to bring their visions into reality.

Breaking the Mold with Stainless Steel Sculptures

 Ryan Schmidt’s fine art stainless steel sculptures are instantly recognizable, sweeping upwards and out into sleek curves, arcs and lines, and capturing the reflections of the surrounding landscapes.. The sculptures are polished with a mirror-finish, catching the sun, clouds and movement around them, and inspiring the viewer with new discoveries every day. Ryan is such […]