Robin Branham never intended to become an artist. While a student at San Diego State University, Robin interned for four years at a museum. She’d hoped to one day become a curator or even run a large museum. However, she set down a new path thanks to an observation from a professor during a chance painting class.

“I had a teacher tell me ‘You become a painter, this is your thing,’” Robin said. “Even though my dad was a painter, and I watched him paint my whole life, it was because of that teacher who told me I was good.”

She was more than good, and once she realized art was her true calling, she immersed herself in expanding her skill set. One day, she was tasked with painting a bouquet of carnations in a vase. Frustrated and annoyed by what she considered a dull assignment, she took a razor blade started destroying it.

“When you see my work and it looks old and scraped, it’s because I’m still doing that 30 years later,” she said. “It’s my main tool – a razor blade.”

Robin works hard to make each piece different. Her only formula is that there is no formula. She’ll typically start with a paint spill and then draw a few lines.

“I make every painting so different with different color combinations and different textures,” she said. “It’s a simple mess and then I see the design. You have to solve the painting each time.”

While at her home studio, Robin works on up to four paintings at a time spread out across multiple desks. At the Celebration of Fine Art, because her workspace is smaller, she finishes paintings and enjoys interacting with new visitors and long-time art collectors.

“I have a beautiful necklace from a client that has been coming here and buying my work for almost 20 years,” Robin said.

The fact that Robin has formed meaningful relationships is of no surprise. She joined the Celebration of Fine Art when she was 34 years old. Now, 22 years later, she considers the show like home.

“It’s a family,” she said. “I’ve raised my kids in this show, supported my kids in this show, sent them to college through this show.”

See more of Robin’s story below:

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