Tyson Snow developed an appreciation for nature, beauty and people at a young age. He can trace his initial interest in art to his mother pointing out the beauty in things when he was growing up. Her influence inspired the common themes found in his work today – people and relationships.

Tyson is a proficient oil painter and portrait artist, although his primary love is creating sculptures. Across all his mediums, he captures serene moments and strikes a balance between aesthetic and meaningful, and beautiful and uplifting.

“I try to bring something that’s lovely and beautiful and calming to people that live in an otherwise difficult world,” Tyson said.

Though this is his first year at the Celebration of Fine Art, it was a long time in the making. And he said the show has allowed him to reconnect with creating pieces that are more connected to his soul.

“I’m finding I can do more work that is more personal to me here,” he said. “Those have been the ones a lot of people have gravitated toward. It’s given me the okay to continue on in that direction.”

Tyson strives for each piece to be more beautiful than the last, and has a tendency to feel like the last piece he created is his favorite. Among his recent work is the sculpture of a woman pouring water from a vase, with the water cascading downward into a fountain. This piece represented a new challenge for Tyson, not only in building the water feature, but in creating an instantly calming effect, silencing the world around.

Now that Tyson is a part of the Celebration of Fine Art, he wants others to share the joy he’s discovered.

“There’s so much good stuff here and the quality is high in every medium,” he said. “There are so many different types and styles of art here. Make sure if you’re coming to give yourself a few days. There’s really nothing like it.”

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  1. Congrats on your wonderful work Tyson Snow, funny thing is I still have that rabbit your draw me all these years ago and it was a great pleasure meeting you.

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