Painting With Subtle Symbols That Connect Us All

Many of the artists at the Celebration of Fine Art discovered their creative inclinations while they were young children. But who says there’s an age requirement to become an artist? Take, for example, Pete Tillack. Today he is an oil and acrylic painter renowned for his highly recognizable style, but he didn’t begin to explore […]

Distinctive and Playful Paintings That Bring Joy to All

Bruce Marion’s first introduction to art was through his father, a creative man who had studied art under the GI Bill and attended two art schools. Delighted his son had decided to explore his creativity at such a ripe age, he wholeheartedly supported Bruce digging into this newfound passion. “He started me out in art […]

Painting in layers to build on nature’s beauty

Trevor Swanson comes from a family of artists. His great grandfather was a painter, and after it skipped a generation, both his father and uncle were professional painters as well. And while today Trevor is a renowned artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal, he joined the  tradition innocently enough by picking […]

2019 Artist Reveal: Keith Bond

Keith Bond is a celebrated landscape artist known for field studies painted en plein air. He finds inspiration in nature, especially in remote landscapes untouched by humans. Keith, who is less interested in depicting a landscape scene down to the exact leaves on the ground, utilizes juicy brushstrokes to evoke the peace and serenity he […]

2019 Artist Reveal: Elizabeth Butler

 If you are the type of person who can’t help but stop and smell the roses, there’s one name you must know: Elizabeth Butler. Elizabeth isn’t simply known for her original oil floral paintings. She’s known for their intense and extravagant beauty, and her ability to illustrate abundance and drama through the use of rich […]

Countdown 2019: Arts & Culture

It is often said art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Luckily, the opportunity for artistic discovery is not limited to paintings on canvas. Arizona’s arts and culture scene is rich with a wide range of offerings. Wherever your interests may lie, there are concerts and productions that will […]