Erin Berrett

Erin Barrett is an oil painter based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Erin brings still lifes to life with a unique flair of contemporary realism and nostalgia, painting beloved items such as old newspapers, playing cards, candies and ice creams. By capturing the familiar in unexpected ways, Erin creates artwork that touches people’s hearts by stirring up memories of days gone by.

In this episode of the Celebrating Art Podcast, Erin joins Susan to discuss her journey as an artist and to talk about several instrumental teachers who supported and encouraged her along the way. Erin also shares how Salt Lake City inspires her work and what she does during her time off to recharge her batteries. She then discusses her unique approach to commissions and her favorite tools that she uses.

Plus, hear why Erin says art keeps us connected and why she believes it’ll just keep getting better and better. Listen by clicking the player above.

Little Kings, 54×40