Steel, wood and concrete are all around us, and for artists like Carlos Page, the possibilities of these mediums are endless. Carlos’ first experience creating art was 30 years ago in San Francisco. He had left his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina to apprentice for a few years with a metal-works artist in the Bay Area. 

“I went to a technical high school in Buenos Aires, and the only class I remember was metal shop,” Carlos says. “We were assigned simple tasks, like making shapes and forms of steel. I enjoyed the luminosity, the texture and the material as it pertains to how we use it.”

Eventually Carlos’ appreciation for these materials deepened when he started thinking about their significance through a historical lens. Steel, wood and concrete have been critical in shaping modern civilization. 

“Wood –– especially reclaimed wood –– and concrete, along with steel, have been the materials we have used to build our homes, our ships and our roads,” he says. “So from the perspective and appreciation of architecture and engineering, it was a natural fit.”

After his apprenticeship in San Francisco and a brief return to Argentina, Carlos moved to New York City to complete a special honors program at Hunter College. There he focused on contemporary design and sculpture with steel, wood and concrete –– and he hasn’t stopped creating since.

“I was a late bloomer when it came to my artwork,” he says. “But once it came to bear, there was a suddenty to it. When I went into the studio and started playing with the materials, it flowed naturally.”

These days, participating in the Celebration of Fine Art allows Carlos to concentrate on new ideas and bring them to life. The show also gives him the opportunity to connect with visitors and get to know other artists

“The Celebration of Fine Art is a show that stands on its own –– it’s in a different league,” Carlos says. “It’s a great show and I have great artists all around me who’ve become my friends. It’s like our second home.” 

To see more of Carlos’ story, watch the video below: