Colin Branham is an acrylic artist based in Malibu, California. As a third generation artist, creativity is something he grew up around. By middle school, his immense talent was already beginning to emerge and take shape.

In fact, the first piece of art Colin ever sold was in middle school. One of his pieces was hanging at the school when a faculty member saw it and contacted him. He’d never expected his school art project to sell, but the experience would foreshadow people’s eagerness to collect his pieces.

“I started making art at a young age,” Colin says. “In middle school I worked with my mom in her studio. I started focusing more seriously on making art in my early twenties when I realized there was really something there.”

These days Colin is known for producing edgy, abstract works with plenty of texture and depth. Before starting new pieces, he considers what has worked well in past paintings and thinks about new ways to capture those aspects, all while pushing himself to explore new ideas. It’s that same process of exploration in which he chooses the colors to use in each painting he creates.

“If I’m not really happy with a piece, I’ll just start over and go from there,” he says. “No harm, no foul.”

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