Uncovering What Inspires This Third Generation Artist

Colin Branham is an acrylic artist based in Malibu, California. As a third generation artist, creativity is something he grew up around. By middle school, his immense talent was already beginning to emerge and take shape. In fact, the first piece of art Colin ever sold was in middle school. One of his pieces was […]

Episode 5: Robin & Colin Branham

Robin Branham has been a part of the Celebration of Fine Art for 25 years and is sought out for her large-scale paintings that range from abstract to figurative to still life, and yet each of them remain quintessentially Robin. Her son, Colin Branham, shares her passion for creating and painting eye-catching abstract works with […]

Artist Reveal: Colin Branham

Colin’s work is highly experimental and runs the gamut, with paintings that incorporate dramatic colors with sweeping lines and shapes to others more muted in tone but more intricate in detail.