Robin Branham has been a part of the Celebration of Fine Art for 25 years and is sought out for her large-scale paintings that range from abstract to figurative to still life, and yet each of them remain quintessentially Robin. Her son, Colin Branham, shares her passion for creating and painting eye-catching abstract works with dramatic colors and shapes. This fall, host Susan Potje traveled to Southern California and joined Robin and Colin in Malibu to find out more about their visions and techniques, and take a peek at their studio.

During this episode, Susan learns more about how art has impacted the lives of three generations of Branhams, and how each has learned to find their own voice through their unique experiences. Robin and Colin also describe the harrowing days preparing and living through the recent fires in Southern California, and why they decided to stay in their home and do all they could to protect their land from what could have been a devastating loss.