Trevor Swanson began his professional career as a painter at the young age of 20, and within a few short years his works were being sought after for renowned art shows, museums and private collections. Known for his mastery of technical skills and appreciation of realism and the value systems needed for painting wildlife, Trevor is a prominent name in the fine art world.

“My inspiration comes from time spent in the field,” Trevor said. “That may be way up in the mountains somewhere to track elk or quietly sitting under the shade of a tree to allow hummingbirds to come and go without me disturbing them. My passion is painting the moments of beauty that I come across and want to share.”

Trevor approaches his research alone, and feels there is magic in a blank canvas as he waits for an idea to develop. He says finishing a piece is bittersweet because it includes seeing how his initial vision came together and what it looks like in the physical world rather than in his imagination.

“Then it is time to say goodbye and good luck out there,” Trevor said. “But the most amazing thing about this is the moment when someone looks at one of my creations and has such a response that they want to add this to their life. There is nothing more humbling and honoring as that feeling.”

Trevor feels his fellow artists at the 2019 Celebration of Fine Art share his same sense of adventure and anticipation for showcasing the work they’ve created over the past year. Just as he looks forward to seeing their work, there is no denying both artists and art lovers seek out Trevor to see the latest steps in his artistic progression.

“I feel a sense of joy at being back with my tribe –– this multifaceted group of people who have become a family through art,” Trevor said. “I look forward to sharing with my fellow artists and the extended family of clients and collectors who come to the Celebration.”


Favorite artist? Vermeer. A master of light and shadows and a personal inspiration for my style and technique. Not showy or flashy in his mode but a driving desire to honor the subjects to the best of his ability. Frank Frazetta is also a favorite.

Place to travel?  Arizona or the Southwest. There is so much interesting interaction between rugged, harsh country and soft beautiful flowers that are growing in craggy, hard to reach rocks.

Music/Musician that inspires you?  I am a metalhead, hard rocker. I listen to Motorhead, Tool and A Perfect Circle, Monster Magnet, Pallbearer, and the Misfits.

Favorite Quote/Mantra? Live every day like it is your last.

If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you’d be doing? I would be teaching. I have been able to add teaching art into my life now that my kids are older and I have some more time.  I find that it is magical to give someone a little guidance and confidence plus a little direction and then sit back and watch what they do.

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