Adriana Socol’s handwoven jewelry and accessories appear as if they come from another time and place. Her signature fiber weaving technique, which she learned in her travels to Central America, allows her to create singular pieces designed to evoke a connection with its wearer.

She shares how she got started in art, how her work has evolved over the years and what her first Celebration of Fine Art experience has been like.

How did you get started in art?

I have been interested in art from a very young age and I’ve tried different things during the years, but I learned this weaving technique while traveling in Central America. My husband was the one who introduced me to this form of art.

How has your art evolved over the years?

I start with simple things and then evolve to more intricate designs and patterns. I learn from my own mistakes. I discover new things along the way; every piece I make brings me something new.

What inspires your work?

I have more ideas than I am physically able to make. I think my mind goes faster than my hands!

What makes the Celebration of Fine Art unique?

I think Celebration is a wonderful place to connect with people. And I love being in contact with people who can appreciate my art. Being here with so many wonderful artists makes me more inspired and more creative. I really love to be here.