Meet the Artist: How a Love for Jewelry Turned Into a Profession

It started out simple enough…an admiration for rings compelled Shelli Kahl to take a soldering class so she could learn how to make her own. Several courses later, she found herself producing enough work to start showing at art shows. But it wasn’t until she sought the mentorship of a well-known metalsmith master that her career took off.

Meet the Artist: Mastering ancient Italian techniques of jewelry making

In a time when true craftsmanship seems to be slipping away, there are still artisans out there striving to preserve centuries-old practices not only through the work they put out into the world, but also by passing down these techniques and philosophies to those coming up in the industry. One such artist is goldsmith and jewelry maker Paul Farmer.

Art Discovery: Multi-Dimensional Jewelry

Jewelry is art in the wearable form. These miniature sculptures are constructed from a variety of materials often combining carving, weaving, metalsmithing, and stone placement. Hear from our multi-talented jewelers Diana Ferguson, Chad Lieske and Cynthia Downs about their processes and tools of the trade.

Meet the Artist: Michael McRae Finds His Purpose in Metalworking

Michael McRae is a metalsmith who creates one-of-a-kind silver, gold, and precious stone jewelry, and has been in the arts and creative world for nearly four decades. Up until a few years ago, Michael was a photographer shooting fashion and product for national brands. However, as digital techniques took over the profession, Michael sought out […]

Art Discovery: Facts & Facets of Jewelry Making

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” – Elizabeth Taylor. In this Art Discovery virtual series, artists Shelli Kahl, Diana Ferguson, and Paul Farmer share their inspiration and visions of how to make a stunning statement with jewelry.  With a keen eye, these jewelry makers have perfected […]