You know a Terrell Powell work of art when you see one. His mixed media and sculpture pieces are distinctively energetic, colorful, whimsical and spontaneous. And his love and passion for what he does shine through in everything he creates.

According to Terrell, he’s been making art all his life, earning a BFA from the University of Texas, Austin before working as an illustrator for 20 years. Even during that two-decade stint, he would create his work on the side, honing his voice.

“People can look at my art today and know it’s me even if they haven’t seen it in a few years,” Terrell said. “They can still see that energy in there and the colors I use. But the whole thing as an artist is to try to find your voice and your look. It just takes thousands of paintings to do that. It’s not an easy, quick thing. I just keep making art every day.”

Though there is a child-like whimsy about his art, it is depicted from the real world. He likes to take what others may perceive as a mundane scene –– like a bird splashing in the water –– and make it into something inspiring and energetic. But Terrell also recently discovered the entrenched energy of thousand-year-old rock art that now surrounds him in New Mexico.

“We moved to New Mexico two years ago and I’m really influenced by the rock art and Native American symbols and signs,” Terrell said. “I just thought, I want to take that energy and create it into my own voice.” 

And it’s evident Terrell’s work is all about energy. From the colors to the spontaneity of the scenes depicted, one look can reinvigorate even the most tired senses. 

As for what keeps Terrell coming back to the Celebration…

“To me, this is the best thing. There’s not another show like this,” he said. 

Visit Terrell’s online gallery, here. And watch his full video below