Art Discovery Recap: Folk Art Fascination

Folk art has been telling the story of local and regional communities and indigenous people for decades. Whether captured through the whimsical depiction of animals painted on a canvas or the use of repurposed collectible items in a sculpture, these works are highly collectible and bring much joy to those who collect.

Art Discovery Recap: Let’s Have Some Fun

Picture this: a grand reading room with hot pink cats that at first glance look more like a pair of feathered boas. Or a totem pole stacked high with relics from your childhood like a potato chip bucket, Sylvester the cat mug, and Mickey Mouse. These are just some of the ideas swirling through the […]

Meet the Artist: Terrell Powell Finds Whimsy in the Mundane

You know a Terrell Powell work of art when you see one. His mixed media and sculpture pieces are distinctively energetic, colorful, whimsical and spontaneous. And his love and passion for what he does shine through in everything he creates. According to Terrell, he’s been making art all his life, earning a BFA from the […]