Jenny FosterThey say gratitude is good for the heart –– and it isn’t any wonder why. Living a life of gratitude shifts the focus away from what’s lacking to the abundance around us. It’s about seeing the world through a series of miracles, both tiny and tremendous. In that regard, art runs many parallels. In this series, we explore the relationship between art and gratitude, and the impact both have on our world. 


“Imagine the world without dance, theater, paintings, music or sculpture… art is magic. Life would be boring without it—and for that reason, I’m very grateful it exists for us,” says Jenny Foster.

Jenny is a mixed media artist recognized for creating joyful, whimsical subjects with stylized patterns and shapes. Her paintings are bursting with bright characters and appeal to art lovers of all ages. In fact, if we could only use one word to describe her artwork, it would be “happy.”

“I paint a lot of animals because of my love for animals,” Jenny says. “I love to get a certain expression from the animals through their eyes in a simple way.”

But for Jenny,  it doesn’t have to be animals. It can be a child or a flower –– anything that evokes happiness. 

“If it’s not happy it doesn’t make it on my wall,” she says.

People smile when they see Jenny’s work. She says her goal is to bring a bit of joy to the observer’s life. She describes that feeling as a childlike happiness we all once knew. 

“If I can evoke that happiness in my work, I feel I have succeeded,” she says.

And it’s that emotion –– a smile, laughter and at times a tear (usually of joy) –– that Jenny cherishes.

“That reaction, big or small, brings much joy to my heart,” she says. 

Typically, most artists don’t always get to witness the impact their art has on the viewer unless they engage with them directly at a show or gallery meet-and-greet. That’s one reason why Jenny said she is so grateful for the Celebration of Fine Art.

“The Celebration of Fine Art has made an enormous impact on my life,” she says. “Aside from making a great living doing what I love to do, it gives me the unusual opportunity to interact with art collectors and other artists. I feel so lucky each year to be included in this special venue.”


  1. The many treasures of the “Arts” allow us a glimpse of what we are not always “present” to witness for ourselves, it evokes recognition of something beyond ourselves! My mother was an artist and produced some of the most beautiful representations of nature, flowers, forests, seas and cities! To this day, when I see beauty I am reminded of the treasures she saw and in particular when I see a beautiful sunset I look to the skies and say, “ thanks Mom” ! I am saying thanks as if it were she who painted that sunset but also a thanks for teaching me to value the “Arts”!

  2. What a wonderful Ifea. And how well Jenny expressed her ideas. You never cease to surprise me with your creativity, caring and sensitivity.

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