Imagine the wide-eyed wonder a child experiences when taking in the sweeping colors and mess of tools in an artist’s studio. For Scottsdale-based resin artist Hannah Friel, it was the studio of her grandmother, a well known watercolor artist, that set the course for her journey to become an artist.

“Art has always been an incredible passion that I’ve studied throughout my entire life,” Hannah said. “It was one of those things that I couldn’t not go do!”

Hannah’s art has evolved over time. Being classically trained, her initial focus was learning the basics of oil and acrylic painting and honing those techniques. Hannah also found herself drawn to abstract art. Being around her father, who would often work on cars, she started experimenting with auto body polyurethane paint thinners and eventually created her own, one-of-a-kind technique.

“All of my ideas and inspirations are honed in by natural phenomena, whether it’s a topographic map, an image in space or a slab of granite,” Hannah said. “I love the organic movement and fluidity of nature and natural phenomena.”

Visitors of the Celebration of Fine Art are drawn to the light and pigmentation of her work, often remarking it feels lit from within. But as awestruck as patrons feel seeing Hannah’s art, she feels the same way of other artists’ work at the show.

“The Celebration of Fine Art is the most incredible show I’ve ever been to,” Hannah said. “I’m blessed to be a part of it. It’s absolutely awe inspiring to see the amount of effort and unique techniques and fabulous artists from all over the country. It’s a show I believe everyone needs to go to!”

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  1. What a well spoken young woman who obviously lives and breathes her art. Her paintings ARE beautiful and ones I am anxious to own and enjoy in my home.

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