We’ve been following all of the news and updates and, like all small businesses, are doing our best to navigate through the information and recommendations. We are also working through the logistics of our particular circumstances. Based on all of that, we will be closing the Celebration of Fine Art, effective this Thursday, March 19 at 6 p.m. In the meantime, we are practicing proper social distancing in our ample 40,000 square feet of well-ventilated space as well as all best practices for cleaning and sanitizing. Some of our artists have already made the decision to go home or stay home based on their personal situations, which we support. We encourage all of you to follow precautions and make the best decisions for your situation.  We are profoundly grateful to every artist and every single patron who partners with and supports this show.

Our hearts are breaking. The heart break is for those who have gotten the illness and for those who are isolated all around the world. Our hearts break for those who are scared and unsure about the future.  Our hearts break for the many artists who rely on the Celebration of Fine Art and other art shows and venues to make a living.  We are deeply committed to giving our artists a significant opportunity to show and sell their art. In addition, we are grateful that this show offers so many an opportunity to be inspired and fill their soul with beauty and joy when they spend time in this wonderful environment.

We are committed to keeping you connected with our artists and making works of art available to you in a virtual manner until we can gather together again. If you saw something that you are interested in earlier in the season and want to have an artist bring it to your home or follow up, please let us know.

The 2021 Celebration of Fine Art dates are January 16 through March 28. Until then, you can stay connected with us through social media, including our Facebook page, podcast, Instagram and YouTube.