Crow Warrior Monument (Custom Order)

by J Todd Paxton


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Medium: Bronze

Size: 8 1/2 feet tall

Pedestal: Not Included

Crow Warrior Story

The Crow warrior stands ready for battle. His strong, unmovable stance
communicates without a single word that without a doubt, he will be
victorious. As the viewer stands in amazement before this powerful
sculpture, he soon realizes that the full story of the battle is unfolding
right before his very eyes.

As you examine the very top of this sculpture, it will become clear that
he has prepared for the battle that lay ahead. Historically, the Crow
would wear an actual bird as a headdress on their head during ceremonies. The crow
represents his previous internal preparation. He must condition himself
mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

His internal preparation quickly manifests itself into a feeling of
conviction; which is expressed in his clenched fist, his unrelenting
stare, his weapon and shield… all showing that he will not back down.
Please take a moment to step back and admire this warrior’s strong squared
off stance. J. Todd Paxton masterfully composed him in this way because
he felt that this stance best depicted the battle itself.

While most tribes put their war paint on before the battle, the Crow would
paint their faces after the battle. The color of the face representing the
outcome of the battle; black for victory and white for defeat. This
warrior has painted his face both black and white; indicating that while
he is victorious, he has also suffered heavy losses.

We are this warrior. He is an allegory for what we must do when our enemy
comes to war. Our enemy may be health or money problems or perhaps an
actual person that we have to fight! Whatever the case, if we prepare
ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and we are determined not to
back down, we will be victorious. We will probably suffer some loss, but
we will win the war.

    J Todd Paxton

    J Todd Paxton

    Mixed Media Bronze

    Santa Fe, NM, US

    When I create art, my hope is to share a feeling, a story, or emotion that resonates with those who see it.


This monument at 8 1/2 feet tall would make a great addition to any landscape or large interior space.  Unlike smaller bronze sculptures, monuments of this size are always custom orders.  Photos in this listing are of previously sold and installed Crow Warrior monuments, photos are for reference only.  Please contact the artist at to discuss patina, processing time, delivery method and installation.

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Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 42 × 102 in

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