Pickup Sticks

by Caleb Siegler


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A red, yellow, and blue whimsical triptych

    Caleb Siegler

    Caleb Siegler

    Metal Mixed Media

    Tempe, AZ, US

    My current body of work is about control and influence of materials that like to warp, bend, and break. Through a slow and meticulous process, I’ve learned how to get the materials to do what I want them to, though they are constantly having a mind of their own. Some themes in my work are repetition, simplicity, minimalism, and balance.


This piece is a more whimsical one for me, a reminder of days gone by, the saturation and vibrancy of youth, and the way children perceive things (everything looks bigger!)

It is made of steel that has been welded together at every connection point, and then professionally powder coated. The three pieces are hung independently of each other, so you can have some fun with the layout in your home. The piece can span a hallway horizontally, or could perfectly compliment a more vertical space. Depending on how it is hung, it can easily span a 12 foot space, or can be nestled a little more tightly like the pictured arrangement, covering approximately 9×8 feet.

Like all of my work, custom sizes and colors are available. Feel free to inquire about the perfect piece to fit your home or business.

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